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29:50 | Apr 16th

In a televised address, the French President Emmanuel Macron said he shared the pain and hope of the nation after the devastating fire. Also: Egypt's leader could rule until 2030 and early ocean plastic traced to 1960s.

29:21 | Apr 16th

Hundreds of millions of euros are offered to help rebuild Notre-Dame after immense blaze. Several French companies have pledged funds, and offers of help with reconstruction have poured in from around the globe. Also, why people in Iraqi Kurdistan s...Show More
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28:45 | Apr 16th

The medieval cathedral of Notre-Dame is one France's most famous landmarks. Officials say the 850-year-old Gothic building's spire and roof have collapsed, but the main structure, including the two bell towers, has been saved.
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25:25 | Jan 25th

President Maduro says he's closing Venezuela's embassy and consulates in the United States - a day after the Trump administration recognised the opposition leader as interim president. Also: the new president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Féli...Show More
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32:11 | Jan 24th

Moscow says the move to declare a new head of state in Venezuela, backed by the US, is a "path of bloodshed". Also: President Felix Tshisekedi's swearing-in marks DR Congo's first peaceful transfer of power and the British writer Diana Athill dies ag...Show More
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26:44 | Jan 24th

Leader of the opposition led Congress swears himself in as president of Venezuela; Deepening divide between the White House and the Democrats in Congress. Also: one of Zimbabwe's best known musicians, Oliver Mtukudzi, has died after a lengthy illness...Show More

29:57 | Sep 17th

Exit polls suggest there will be no clear winner in Israel's second election in five months. Also: US officials say Saudi oil attack drones launched from Iran, and soot pollution particles "cross the placenta".

28:30 | Sep 17th

A BBC investigation finds nearly 500 civilians were killed during August - more than in Syria and Yemen combined. Also, the UK's highest court decides on the legality of the government's suspension of Parliament.

29:36 | Sep 16th

Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the zone needed to be extended for the goal to be met. Also: Boris Johnson attacked by Luxembourg PM over Brexit, and scientists think they have found a way to stop the common cold.

23:26 | Sep 16th

Brent crude, the international benchmark used by oil traders, jumped to $71.95 a barrel at one point. Also: UN investigators warn that ethnic Rohingyas who are still in Myanmar face the continuing threat of genocide, and the world's first climate tel...Show More

28:27 | Sep 15th

Violence breaks out after thousands defy a police ban to march as unrest continues unabated. Also: Tunisia holds second free presidential election and why are thousands flocking to corgi cafes?

27:39 | Sep 14th

Houthi rebels claim responsibility for attacks which the UN fears may severely limit production. Also, African leaders attend the state funeral of Robert Mugabe, but few Zimbabweans turn out; and the solid gold toilet stolen from an English palace.

30:18 | Sep 13th

Sulphur hexafluoride, the most powerful greenhouse gas known to humanity, is widely used in the electrical industry to prevent short circuits and accidents. Also: The missing people crisis in Nigeria after the decade-long insurgency of the Islamist g...Show More

29:37 | Sep 13th

Former president Robert Mugabe to be buried in National Heroes Acre monument in Harare. His family had wanted him to be buried in his home village. Also, thousands protest in Johannesburg at high levels of violence against women, and the Liverpool...Show More

24:37 | Sep 12th

An environmentalist coalition says an area of forest the size of 30 football pitches disappears every minute. Also, US congressional lawmakers grant themselves more power to investigate President Trump. And a Nigerian singer has been arrested after t...Show More

27:15 | Sep 12th

Britain's PM spoke after Scotland's highest civil court ruled shutdown was unlawful. The power to suspend - or prorogue - Parliament lies with the Queen, who follows advice of the PM. Also, how Syrian doctors in Idlib have moved underground to esca...Show More

26:10 | Sep 11th

Riots on the streets, food price rises and reduced medical supplies are real risks of the UK leaving the EU without a deal, a government document has said. Also: Water has been found on a potentially habitable planet, and commemorations have been hel...Show More

28:24 | Sep 11th

Scotland’s highest civil court rules on Boris Johnson’s suspension of UK Parliament. A UK government appeal against the ruling will be heard by the Supreme Court in London next week. Also, Dutch doctor cleared in landmark euthanasia case, and how J...Show More

27:05 | Sep 10th

Mr Bolton had disagreed with the president on a number of foreign policy challenges from Afghanistan to Iran. Also: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to annex occupied Jordan Valley; and why social media influencers that get paid millio...Show More

28:08 | Sep 10th

More than a million tonnes of water that has been used to cool melted reactors is kept in giant tanks. Did President Trump's actions put a top US spy in jeopardy ? Plus convicted of trying to attend a football match - an Iranian female football fan ...Show More

28:15 | Sep 9th

British MPs reject government's calls for a snap election hours before a five-week suspension of parliament. Also: Trump says Afghan peace talks are dead, and a major operation is underway to save thousands of fish in the Darling River in Australia.

29:54 | Sep 9th

Mr Johnson has ruled out asking the EU to delay the Brexit deadline of 31 October, although the Irish government has said it would support another extension. Early results suggest big losses for Vladimir Putin's party in Moscow city elections. Britis...Show More

30:04 | Sep 8th

The head of the US agency for international development says the agency is working with the government of the Bahamas to provide emergency shelter, medical care, food and water. Also: the Taliban says the US has most to lose from cancelled talks, and...Show More

31:03 | Sep 7th

Amber Rudd said she no longer believed leaving the European Union with a deal was the British government's "main objective". Also: Russia and Ukraine in landmark prisoner exchange, and climate protestors hold red carpet sit-in at Venice Film Festival...Show More

25:49 | Sep 7th

Officials say hundreds, possibly thousands, are still missing in the Abacos and Grand Bahama. Also: India's Moon landing attempt appears to fail, and a pub landlord makes plans for world-record gathering of Nigels.

29:21 | Sep 6th

We look at legacy of controversial and authoritarian figure who ruled for 37 years. He was renowned as a liberation fighter and statesman, but criticised for his repressive and intolerant policies. Also, Bahamas government says that death toll from...Show More

27:40 | Sep 5th

The architect of Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan announces his resignation to spend more time with his family. One of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record lashes America's south east coast, flooding parts of Charleston in South Carolina....Show More

29:41 | Sep 5th

Boris Johnson's brother Jo says he is 'torn between family loyalty and national interest.' His decision has generated enormous controversy at a time of high tension in UK politics. Also, residents of South Carolina prepare for Hurricane Dorian, an...Show More

29:50 | Sep 4th

Parliament rejects the British Prime Minister's call for a snap election after it passed legislation forcing him to ask for a third delay to the UK's departure from the European Union. Also: the number of people killed by Hurricane Dorian in the Baha...Show More

27:38 | Sep 4th

The proposal, introduced in April, would have allowed criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland China.Britain's prime minister, Boris Johnson, faces a vote by MPs later on whether to force a delay to Brexit. An outcry in India over new traffic p...Show More

25:54 | Sep 4th

Boris Johnson loses his majority in Parliament and suffers a stinging defeat over Brexit, raising the prospect of a snap general election. After battering The Bahamas for a whole day, Hurricane Dorian has finally begun to move on - heading towards th...Show More

28:23 | Sep 3rd

Dorian fell in strength on Tuesday to category three, but Grand Bahama island faced at least another day of heavy rain, high winds and storm surges. The British parliament has just reconvened after its summer break for what's expected to be one of th...Show More

27:20 | Sep 2nd

PM says under no circumstances will departure from the EU be delayed, also: Hurricane Dorian "devastates" the Bahamas and why not losing got an Iranian sportsman into trouble.

28:06 | Sep 2nd

The category-five hurricane has torn off roofs and caused severe flooding. Also: election discussions in Downing Street amid Brexit battle, and investigating the palm oil industry in Papua New Guinea.

29:31 | Sep 2nd

Residents post footage showing flood waters engulfing homes and cars being swept away. Also: why Amsterdam wants a certain type of tourist, and the trainee pilot who landed his plane after his instructor collapsed.

27:54 | Aug 31st

Police and pro-democracy demonstrators have fought running battles in Hong Kong; Reports of another deadly shooting in the US with multiple victims in the State of Texas; Tens of thousands demonstrate against the suspension of parliament in the run-u...Show More

28:47 | Aug 30th

An aircraft hit the same location in the province of Idlib twice in half an hour, killing nearly forty people. The plane was from a Russian airbase. Russia has denied involvement. Also, people in Florida are preparing for Hurricane Dorian as it gathe...Show More

30:24 | Aug 30th

Several prominent campaigners detained amid a police crackdown. They include Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow of political party Demosisto, and independence campaigner Andy Chan. Also, residents of Indian-administered Kashmir accuse security forces of ca...Show More

27:12 | Aug 29th

President Trump announces a new command, saying enemies of the US are weaponising earth's orbit and threatening its vital interests. Also: why there's no single 'gay gene', and the car driven with another car on its roof

30:58 | Aug 29th

Prime Minister's critics say he's trying to prevent MPs from blocking a no-deal Brexit. But British government says the 5-week suspension of Parliament will still allow time to debate withdrawal from EU. Also, a new government for Italy, Brazil's...Show More

32:00 | Aug 28th

There’s been outrage among opposition MPs after the Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he will suspend parliament just before Britain is due to leave the EU. He insists the decision was not motivated by a desire to force through a no deal Brexit. Also...Show More

29:59 | Aug 28th

British government set to shut down Parliament - just weeks before UK due to leave EU. This could mean opposition politicians won't have time to stop a 'no deal' Brexit. Also, how communities in Amazon rainforest are responding to wildfires crisi...Show More

26:47 | Aug 27th

Jair Bolsonaro, escalates dispute with his French counterpart over fires raging in the Amazon; The women who've accused the late American financier, Jeffrey Epstein, of abusing them sexually have their day in court; How insects could be the future of...Show More

30:55 | Aug 27th

The British MPs said using a vote of no confidence to bring down the government remained an option. Also: Brazil has rejected a G7 offer of $22m aid to tackle the fires in the Amazon, and sleep tales for people who struggle with insomnia.

26:22 | Aug 26th

President Trump says he has "good feelings" about a possible new deal with Iran; Drug maker Johnson and Johnson fined for its part in Oklahoma's opioid addiction crisis; Kenya becomes the first East African country to export oil

29:15 | Aug 26th

President Donald Trump said the two countries will 'very shortly' resume discussions. International leaders at the G7 summit have agree to provide logistical and financial support to help fight fires in the Amazon rainforest. Plus how a vast 'pumice ...Show More

23:35 | Aug 25th

US officials at the G7 summit in Biarritz have expressed surprise at the unscheduled visit by Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Also: violent clashes intensify amid Hong Kong protests, and marking forty years since a landmark flamenco rec...Show More

27:13 | Aug 24th

The French President Emmanuel Macron said he will try to convince the G7 leaders that tensions, especially trade tensions, were bad for everybody. Also: Brazilian officials say hundreds of new fires are now burning in the Amazon region, and NASA is r...Show More

30:08 | Aug 24th

President Jair Bolsonaro orders soldiers to be sent to the region, after pressure from European Union leaders. Also: Trump says US firms "hereby ordered to quit China", and vets harvest eggs from the last two surviving female northern white rhinos in...Show More

30:18 | Aug 23rd

President Jair Bolsonaro considers options for tackling fires across Amazon rainforest. Several countries have expressed concern over destruction of precious habitat - and possible impact on global warming. Also, Russia launches world's first floa...Show More

28:37 | Aug 22nd

Russia remains concerned about the possible deployment of US missiles not only in the Asia-Pacific region but also in Europe. Also: the French President Emmanuel Macron says the record number of fires in the Amazon rainforest is an "international cri...Show More

29:01 | Aug 22nd

Seoul pulls out of intelligence-sharing agreement with Tokyo, as trade-dispute worsens. We look at the implications of this announcement. Also, France's President Macron tells UK Prime Minister Johnson that Brexit backstop is indispensable, why low...Show More

23:40 | Aug 21st

At his first meeting with Mrs Merkel since taking office, Mr Johnson repeated his demand that the EU scrap the backstop - a previously negotiated guarantee of an open border on the island of Ireland. Also: Nigeria said to be on the brink of being dec...Show More

30:44 | Aug 21st

The power sharing government in Sudan is finally taking charge after months of negotiations. Denmark defiant on Greenland after President Trump cancels state visit. Why are Spiderman fans railing against Sony?

26:07 | Aug 20th

Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has resigned following a blistering attack on his coalition partner. Also: Sudan's military leaders and opposition alliance have formed a sovereign council to lead the country during its transition to civilian ru...Show More

28:00 | Aug 20th

Government forces, backed by Russia, closed in on the town in recent weeks. A new study shows children make you happier - once they've left home. Plus we'll hear from a teenage Somali poet who's just been published on iTunes in the US.

25:46 | Aug 19th

The New York City police officer involved in the high-profile 2014 chokehold death of an African-American man has been fired. Also: Twitter and Facebook have taken steps to block what they described as a state-backed Chinese misinformation campaign, ...Show More

28:42 | Aug 19th

He's admitted receiving ninety million dollars from the Saudi Crown Prince. Turkey has condemned an air attack on a convoy it says was reinforcing one of its observation posts in northern Syria. Plus Prince Andrew says any suggestion he exploited you...Show More

26:51 | Aug 18th

Jack Letts was both a British and Canadian citizen when he joined IS, also 1.7 million protest in Hong Kong and the Chilean school run by a folk band

30:00 | Aug 17th

A suicide bomber targets guests at a Shia marriage in the Afghan capital. Initial reports say many of the victims were women and children. Also: a landmark deal between Sudan’s military and the civilian opposition, and why a woman may be the next per...Show More

27:27 | Aug 16th

Conditional Israeli offer- to allow US politician to make personal visit to the occupied West Bank; Brother of the leader of the Afghan Taliban is killed in a mosque in Pakistan; And a judge in Germany rules against a girl who wanted to sing in an al...Show More

28:39 | Aug 16th

Li Ka-shing's appeal came as the Chinese military gathered at the Hong Kong border. The territory has seen political unrest for 10 weeks, and more protests are due this weekend. Also: Greenland says it's not for sale, after reports that Donald Trump ...Show More

30:38 | Aug 15th

The US president had said Israel should stop Rashia Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from visiting. Also: Gibraltar releases Iranian oil tanker, and thousands sign a petition to rename 5th Avenue outside Trump Tower in New York after Barack Obama.

28:46 | Aug 15th

The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has said his decision to strip Indian-administered Kashmir of its special status will restore the region to its "past glory". Also: the remarkable escape of passengers and crew on a Russian airliner that made a...Show More

30:51 | Aug 15th

The Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says he accepts the ethics commissioner report, but disagrees with some of its conclusions. Also: stock markets tumble in US as recession fears grow, and 'human-sized penguin' lived in New Zealand.

23:54 | Aug 14th

After days of disruptions, the Airport Authority in Hong Kong said it had obtained a temporary injunction banning protesters from entering certain areas. Also: the latest on the ASAP Rocky case in Sweden, and the advert for cheese that's been banned ...Show More

26:57 | Aug 13th

Squads of riot police arrived after thousands of demonstrators flooded the terminal buildings. Also: Trump delays some tariffs on Chinese imports, and a British university has banned beef to help climate change.

26:01 | Aug 13th

Our correspondent there says what has been a peaceful awareness exercise on previous days has become an active attempt to shut down business. The sister of the jailed Saudi women's rights activist, Loujain al-Hathloul, says she's been offered her fre...Show More

25:22 | Aug 12th

The new policy, known as the 'public charge rule', aims to deny permanent residency and citizenship, mainly to millions of undocumented, low-paid Hispanic people. Also: Authorities start to resume services in Hong Kong airport as hundreds of proteste...Show More

25:01 | Aug 12th

Some of the demonstrators have begun to leave after a dire warning from the Chinese authorities. We hear from disputed Kashmir - still under lockdown - as it celebrates Eid al Adha. Plus Priyanka Chopra defends herself against accusations she's a wa...Show More

24:14 | Aug 11th

Yemeni separatists have taken control of the port city after days of fighting with troops loyal to the government. The UN says up to forty people have been killed and more than two-hundred-and-fifty wounded so far. Also: Pro-democracy protesters and ...Show More

30:24 | Aug 10th

The 66-year-old, who once counted President Trump and the British royal, Prince Andrew, as his friends, died in an "apparent suicide" in prison. He was due to stand trial next year on charges of trafficking dozens of underage girls for sex. Also: sou...Show More

27:34 | Aug 9th

The US president also said he had spoken to the NRA gun lobby so their views could be "represented and respected". Also: civilians have been killed in renewed fighting in the Yemeni port of Aden, and the unusual T-shirt that a six year old boy wore a...Show More

30:04 | Aug 9th

Heavy security presence across Indian-administered Kashmir remains largely in place. Thousands of troops are patrolling the streets, four days after the Indian government revoked the Muslim-majority state's autonomy. Also, Malaysia files corruption ...Show More

27:50 | Aug 9th

Narendra Modi says he revoked Kashmir's autonomy to free it from terrorism and separatism. Also: Russian radiation scare and German far-right extremism.

26:11 | Aug 8th

United Nations experts say a switch to a plant-based diet can help reduce climate change. A major report warns that increasing global consumption of meat and dairy produce is fuelling global warming. Also, Kyrgyzstan's ex-president is arrested after...Show More

25:00 | Aug 7th

President's visits to Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso in Texas not welcomed by all, also Afghan bomb kills 15 as peace talks continue and Atomik Vodka from the Chernobyl exclusion zone

23:00 | Aug 7th

A huge bomb went off outside a police station in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Also: Pakistan downgrades ties with India in Kashmir row, and scientists say staring at seagulls helps protect food.

26:05 | Aug 6th

Toni Morrison was not only the first African American woman to win a Nobel Prize for literature but she also won the Pulitzer Prize and became the first black female editor of Random House. Her work mostly focused on slavery, the experiences of the b...Show More

25:50 | Aug 6th

It is one of the strongest warnings Beijing has issued over the protests so far. What's happening in Indian administered Kashmir- a day after it was stripped of its special status? Plus the artificial 'tongue' helping to tackle the counterfeit whisky...Show More

24:12 | Aug 5th

US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad says talks in Doha with the Afghan Taliban are making progress. Also: Barack Obama urges Americans to reject the language of hate, and the world's 'most humane' prison.

28:18 | Aug 5th

Hundreds of flights are cancelled and train services disrupted during the city’s morning rush-hour. Also: India to revoke special status of Kashmir, and President Donald Trump has said "hate has no place" in the US after two mass shootings over the w...Show More

27:59 | Aug 4th

A shooting at a supermarket in the US state of Texas that left 20 dead is being investigated as domestic terrorism. Also: A key leader in Cambodia's Khmer Rouge who was convicted of genocide has died, and a Frenchman has become the first person to cr...Show More

29:10 | Aug 3rd

At least nineteen people reported killed in another mass shooting in the United States, this time in a shopping mall in El Paso, Hundreds of protesters in Moscow are detained at the latest rally calling for free and fair elections; And how Detroit in...Show More

23:56 | Aug 2nd

Texas congressman, John Ratcliffe, is withdrawn from consideration, amid criticism that he is under-qualified. He is also accused of padding his intelligence credentials. Also, officials in the DRC say only half of ebola cases are identified; and the...Show More

24:40 | Aug 2nd

Seoul says the taxes are retribution after its government demanded reparations for Japanese atrocities committed before and during World War II. Also, the US pulls out of a nuclear arms treaty with Russia, sparking fears of an arms race. And cognac s...Show More

24:37 | Aug 1st

The US president announced fresh tariffs of 10% on another $300bn of Chinese products from September. Also: Rwanda reopens DR Congo border amid Ebola crisis, and Saudi Arabia allows women to travel independently.

26:15 | Aug 1st

Measure comes as 2 deaths from the disease are confirmed in Goma, also: attack on military parade in Yemeni city of Aden kills 30, and how effective can the Dutch burka ban be?

32:40 | Jul 31st

The sanctions freeze any assets of Mohammed Javad Zarif in America, or controlled by US entities. Also: a second person has died of Ebola in eastern Congo, and will the threatened vaquita porpoise survive?

29:22 | Jul 31st

Healthcare was on the agenda as the first group of Democratic candidates debated in Detroit. Also: all schools in Sudan have been closed following demonstrations over the death of students at an earlier rally, and the pretty Austrian village that is...Show More

28:35 | Jul 30th

President Trump took part in events at the historical settlement of Jamestown in Virginia, marking the four hundredth anniversary of the birth of democracy in America. Also: 'World shrugging' as Syria death toll mounts, and ear 'tickling' therapy cou...Show More

25:10 | Jul 30th

Up to a million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims are believed to have been detained in the camps for months, or years, without trial. The ruler of Dubai ruler and his estranged wife begin a London court battle. Plus in Sweden the American rapper ASAP...Show More

30:34 | Jul 29th

Officials say a fight between rival gangs in the northern Brazilian prison lasted five hours. Also: outrage as high school students shot dead in Sudan, and India tiger census shows rapid population growth.

22:12 | Jul 29th

The city has seen eight consecutive weekends of anti-government protests. In India, an investigation is underway after a teenager who's accused a politician of rape is seriously injured in a road accident. And we'll explain why some are calling toda...Show More

29:22 | Jul 28th

Dan Coats is leaving office after clashing with President Trump on national security. Also, dozens of mourners 'killed by Boko Haram' at a funeral in north Nigeria. And Brazil miners kill tribal leader in Amazon land invasion.

26:00 | Jul 27th

Mr Trump called Elijah Cummings a 'brutal bully', and his district a 'rat infested mess'. Mr Cummings had criticised conditions in migrant detention centres. Also: Russian police detain more than a thousand activists and the joke of the Roman pen.

23:40 | Jul 26th

The agreement will force thousands of Central American migrants to seek asylum in Guatemala instead of the US. Also, pro-democracy demonstrations last late into the night at Hong Kong’s airport. And Russians are urging their government to act, as hun...Show More

28:53 | Jul 26th

UN human rights chief says over 100 people died in government attacks in past 10 days. Michelle Bachelet criticised the 'failure of leadership by the world's most powerful nations'. Also, pro-democracy protestors hold sit-in at Hong Kong's internati...Show More

23:32 | Jul 25th

Migrant boat with 300 people aboard sinks attempting crossing to Europe. Initial reports say as many as one hundred and fifty people died -- though the final figure remains unclear. Also: Europe swelters, the US government announces the return of th...Show More

29:21 | Jul 25th

Much of northern Europe swelters as second heatwave in one month reaches its peak. Highest-temperature records broken in UK, France, Germany and Netherlands. Also, Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson promises "beginning of a golden age", and...Show More

28:51 | Jul 24th

Mr Johnson has given senior positions to fellow Brexiteers. Also: Facebook's five billion dollar fine for violating consumer privacy, and Lapland's indigenous people under threat.

27:41 | Jul 24th

She hands over the reins of power to her successor, Boris Johnson, along with the keys to Number 10 Downing Street. Later, Mr Johnson will announce his most senior cabinet appointments. In the US the former special counsel Robert Mueller is testifyin...Show More

28:12 | Jul 23rd

We hear about Boris Johnson from the people who know him best as European leaders and members of his own party warn of difficulties ahead. Also: A Gambian soldier has admitted involvement in the killing of about fifty African migrants on the orders ...Show More

28:49 | Jul 23rd

The former London mayor takes over from Theresa May on Wednesday. Also: South Korea fires warning shots at a Russian aircraft after an alleged airspace violation, and the young married couples in India spending big to go viral on the internet with un...Show More

25:07 | Jul 22nd

Iran’s detention of a tanker is being labelled an act of ‘state piracy’. Also: Huge crowds have gathered in the US territory of Puerto Rico, demanding the immediate resignation of the governor, and India launches its much-anticipated second moon miss...Show More

24:02 | Jul 22nd

Dozens of masked men storm a train station and assault pro-democracy protesters, meanwhile the authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong condemn an attack on China's liaison office in the territory, as a challenge to the nation's sovereignty. Also: Kenya'...Show More

30:15 | Jul 21st

The comedian who swept to power three months ago has invited another political novice, Ukraine's best known rock star, for talks on forming a coalition. Also, clashes in Hong Kong as pro-democracy protesters march on Beijing's headquarters in the ter...Show More

51:11 | Jul 20th

Fifty years since men first walked on the Moon, we celebrate the Apollo 11 mission. Also: we assess its impact on politics and culture and ponder the future of space exploration.

28:15 | Jul 20th

Britain's Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has denounced as "completely unacceptable" the capture of the ship and he said there would be serious consequences if it wasn't released. Also: the Kosovan prime minister has resigned after being called for q...Show More

30:11 | Jul 19th

Dutch supreme court says Netherlands partially responsible for deaths of Bosnian Muslims. Dutch troops had been guarding a UN safe zone in 1995 when it was overrun by Bosnian Serbs. Also, Saudi Arabia urges respect for Islamic law after Western si...Show More

28:05 | Jul 18th

A majority of 41 MPs approved the amendment to block the suspension of Parliament. The move is to prevent the future Prime Minister forcing through a no-deal Brexit. Also: President Trump says the US has shot down an Iranian drone threatening an Amer...Show More

30:17 | Jul 18th

At least 33 dead and dozens injured after man sets fire to an animation studio. Police say a 41-year-old suspect broke into the building and sprayed petrol before igniting it. Also, new warnings to the UK about potential dangers posed by a 'no deal'...Show More

26:45 | Jul 17th

He is a former head of the Sinaloa cartel, which officials say was the biggest supplier of drugs to the US. The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola crisis in eastern Congo a public health emergency, and the dragon with a lethal bite that...Show More

30:48 | Jul 17th

Ruling military council and opposition leaders have signed a power-sharing accord. Sudan has been in chaos since the military ousted President Omar al-Bashir in April. Also, a surprise as Turkish court acquits two journalists and a human rights acti...Show More

30:45 | Jul 16th

Fifty years since launch of Apollo Eleven mission - those involved remember; European Parliament narrowly approves next European Commission President; Dozens killed in monsoon flooding in South Asia - millions are displaced.

28:41 | Jul 16th

Mrs von der Leyen said dealing with climate change and tackling illegal immigration humanely would be her priorities. Also: on the second day of his appearance before a corruption inquiry, the former South African President Jacob Zuma said he'd recei...Show More

30:07 | Jul 15th

The four US congresswomen attacked by US President Donald Trump in a series of racially charged tweets have dismissed his remarks. Also: A new study has found that anorexia isn't only a mental illness, but can be caused by a physical predisposition, ...Show More

24:35 | Jul 15th

Jacob Zuma, who stepped down last year amid claims of illegal financial gain, has begun testifying at a judicial inquiry. Also: Hong Kong’s chief of police condemns pro-democracy protesters as “thugs”. And the family of Neil Armstrong look back at th...Show More

30:20 | Jul 14th

President Trump claimed the women "originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe". Also: Champs-Elysees clashes after Bastille Day parade, and Djokovic beats Federer in Wimbledon tennis epic.

31:55 | Jul 13th

Storm Barry has made landfall in Louisiana, where officials have warned of potentially life-threatening floods. Also: UK says Iran tanker could be released 'with guarantees', and a powerful X-ray telescope is launched to map the cosmos.

27:46 | Jul 12th

The US Federal Trade Commission is said to have approved a penalty for Facebook over its handling of users personal data. President Trump's Labor Secretary resigns amid accusations he helped a billionaire sex offender secure a lenient sentence, and t...Show More

31:31 | Jul 12th

Turkey receives first parts of S-400 missile defence system despite opposition from US. Washington says Ankara cannot have both the S-400 and US F-35 fighter-jets. Also, BBC investigation shows that Sudan's brutal crackdown on protestors was order...Show More

27:56 | Jul 11th

President Donald Trump will no longer pursue adding a question on citizenship to the 2020 US census questionnaire. Also: The UK has raised the threat to British shipping in Iranian waters to the highest level, and New Orleans braces for Tropical Stor...Show More

30:27 | Jul 11th

UK says one of its warships preventing Iranian vessels stopping a British oil-tanker. Also, a BBC investigation into sex-scandal at heart of Afghan government, and scientists warn that even small amounts of sugary drinks may cause cancer.

29:24 | Jul 10th

Politicians and civil servants have been reacting to the news that Sir Kim Darroch has stepped down. They’ve said the row over leaked memos is unprecedented. Also: the US women’s football team celebrates their World Cup win with a victory parade, and...Show More

29:21 | Jul 10th

Sir Kim Darroch had described the Trump administration as inept and dysfunctional. Mr Trump responded by saying he'd no longer deal with him. Also: seagulls in Australia are found to be carrying several antibiotic resistant superbugs, and Spanish lan...Show More

28:13 | Jul 9th

Donald Trump has been “disrespectful” towards the prime minister and the UK, says Jeremy Hunt. Also: Tory leadership rivals clash in TV debate, a Saudi Arabian princess goes on trial in France, and the end of the road for the VW Beetle.

25:52 | Jul 9th

But Carrie Lam stops short of saying it has been fully withdrawn, and protesters have vowed to continue mass rallies. Also: Afghanistan talks agree 'roadmap to peace', and Egypt to sue Christie's auction house in London to retrieve Tutankhamun bust.

29:06 | Jul 8th

The US president says "we will no longer deal" with the UK's ambassador in Washington, Sir Kim Darroch. Also the US financier Jeffrey Epstein is charged with sex trafficking minors, and a Nigerian opera performed in Pidgin English.

27:36 | Jul 8th

The former Congolese rebel leader has been convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Also: Amnesty International accuse the Philippine government of running a large-scale murdering enterprise connected to its so-called war on drugs, and th...Show More

27:23 | Jul 7th

The New Democracy party led by Kyriakos Mitsotakis wins the election with an absolute majority. Also: Donald Trump hits back after UK ambassador's leaked emails, and Jodrell Bank gains Unesco World Heritage status.

29:20 | Jul 6th

The French president Emmanuel Macron talks to his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani by telephone in a bid to rescue the nuclear deal. Also: California quake damage 'not as bad as feared', and baby Archie christened at Windsor.

26:42 | Jul 5th

The prisoners released included a high profile judge, Maria Lourdes Afiuni. Also: Trump vows to pursue citizenship census question, and the ancient city of Babylon becomes an Unesco World Heritage site.

29:43 | Jul 5th

Senior Teheran official issues threat after British troops' storming of Iranian vessel. British marines helped seize super-tanker on Thursday, after it was suspected of carrying oil to Syria, in breach of EU sanctions. Also, how China is using scho...Show More

31:08 | Jul 4th

Government documents show that large numbers of state boarding schools have been built to house children as young as two. Also: Tehran has reacted with fury after British Royal Marines seized control of an Iranian supertanker carrying oil to Syria, a...Show More

29:17 | Jul 4th

UN has received reports that guards shot at migrants who tried to escape air-strikes. The attack on a detention-centre near Tripoli on Tuesday is believed to have killed at least 53 people. Also, an oil-tanker bound for Syria is detained in Gibral...Show More

25:21 | Jul 3rd

In the wake of two Boeing 737 Max crashes, the aerospace giant hopes it can repair its reputation, but families say the effort falls short. Also, the European Parliament elects David Sassoli as its new president, and Amsterdam considers a drastic cha...Show More

30:46 | Jul 3rd

UN speaks after air-strike kills more than 40 migrants at detention-centre near Tripoli. Libyan government blames attack on forces loyal to warlord General Khalifa Haftar, but they've denied this. Also, why Rahul Gandhi has stepped down as head of ...Show More

25:41 | Jul 2nd

The European Council has agreed to a gender-balanced group of candidates after days of deadlocked negotiations. Also: The Russian navy says 14 sailors are dead after a submersible vessel caught fire, and women who survived torture in Syrian prisons t...Show More

31:22 | Jul 2nd

Beijing accuses demonstrators of trampling on the rule of law: Also: controversy over secret US border patrol Facebook group, stowaway body found in London garden and Coca-Cola enters energy drink market.

25:01 | Jul 1st

The Chief Executive of Hong Kong has condemned the occupation and ransacking of the territory’s parliament. Also: European foreign ministers call on Iran to reverse its decision to breach an international nuclear deal, and fresh concerns have been ra...Show More

23:50 | Jul 1st

The International Atomic Energy Agency said its inspectors had verified the 300kg cap had been broken. In Hong Kong demonstrators have smashed their way into the Legislative building as the territory marks 22 years since it was handed back from Brita...Show More

27:02 | Jul 1st

Donald Trump has become the first sitting US president to enter North Korea after meeting Kim Jong-un at the South Korean border. Also: Pro-democracy protesters challenge Sudan's military rulers for the first time since security forces shot dead doze...Show More

24:36 | Jun 29th

President says he'll allow US companies to continue to sell to the Chinese tech giant, also: migrant ship captain detained in Italy and North Macedonian pride

26:43 | Jun 28th

Families of some victims believe the deaths of eight people by jihadists in 2017 could have been stopped. Also: twenty years after talks started the South American economic block, Mercosur, has struck a trade deal with the European Union, and could J...Show More

34:10 | Jun 28th

The G-20 nations face a huge challenge in resolving a US-China trade war that has rattled businesses around the world, and has cast a shadow over the global economy. Also: the iPhone designer Jony Ive is leaving Apple, the remains of a bridge in the ...Show More

26:59 | Jun 27th

The court said the Trump administration's justification for the question appeared "contrived". Also: delegates at UN climate talks have accused oil producing countries of trying to "erase the science" on global warming, and Russia begins releasing ca...Show More

27:43 | Jun 27th

It's not yet clear who was behind the attacks in Tunis. Also: Germany's Angela Merkel is seen shaking again in Berlin, and the Dalai Lama has said Donald Trump lacks moral principle.

32:11 | Jun 26th

Italy's interior minister, Matteo Salvini, has said he won't allow migrants currently aboard a charity-run rescue ship to disembark, after it defied the authorities by entering Italian territorial waters. Mr Salvini called the Sea-Watch 3 an outlaw v...Show More

28:41 | Jun 26th

The opposition leader Juan Guaidó says the use of military force is still an option to end the political crisis in Venezuela. Also: the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, says that the US and North Korea are engaging in behind the scenes talks to s...Show More

29:02 | Jun 25th

John Sanders resigns amid uproar over conditions for migrant children at detention centres; a politician in India has taken the unusual step of returning bribes he took from villagers, and breakdancing moves closer to 2024 Paris Olympic debut.

29:32 | Jun 25th

Iran condemns latest US sanctions saying Washington has closed the door on dialogue; Chinese citizens charged over building collapse in Cambodia that killed twenty-eight people; Washing powder advert promoting female empowerment provokes furious reac...Show More

26:41 | Jun 24th

Human rights chief says IS captives in Iraq and Syria must be tried or freed. Also: the medical glove that could speed up diagnosis, Mars methane spike and the women returning to their Boko Haram kidnappers.

27:25 | Jun 24th

US Secretary of State in Saudi Arabia as Washington tightens sanctions on Iran; Second time unlucky for Turkey's governing party as they lose a rerun vote in Istanbul; and....the unexpected furry visitor to a family home in Montana that had to be tra...Show More

28:11 | Jun 23rd

Turkey's governing party has lost control of Istanbul after a re-run of the city's mayoral election. Also: Huge protests in Prague demanding the resignation of Czech PM Andrej Babis, and the head of the Ethiopian military has been shot dead by his ow...Show More

32:04 | Jun 22nd

President Trump says the additional measures are intended to stop Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb. Also: the German chancellor Angela Merkel says far-right extremism must be tackled, and listening to the combined sounds of Mongolian throat singing and ...Show More

27:46 | Jun 21st

The chair of the House Armed Services Committee, Adam Smith, has warned it was "not smart" of president Trump to make the details of a planned attack on Iran public. Also: Russia suspends flights to Georgia amid unrest, and Pink Floyd guitars sell f...Show More

25:45 | Jun 21st

Tehran says the unmanned US aircraft entered Iranian airspace early on Thursday morning, but the US maintains it was shot down in international airspace. Also: The speaker of the Georgian parliament resigns after violent protests about a visit by Rus...Show More

28:49 | Jun 20th

President Trump says it's hard to believe Iran intentionally shot down an American drone; Who will get the top EU jobs ? Berlin and Paris lock horns. and a leading Palestinian politician denounces the US for failing to be a neutral negotiator.

28:04 | Jun 20th

The US military insist the drone was over international waters but Iran says the aircraft had violated Iranian airspace. Also: China's Xi visits North Korea to boost ties with Kim, and the sounds of the eastern North Pacific right whale.

25:12 | Jun 19th

Moscow calls case against 3 Russians and 1 Ukranian groundless, also: the rapidly melting Himalayan glaciers and the rusty revolver that made a big impression on the art world.

30:48 | Jun 19th

Charges announced over destruction of Malaysian airliner in which 298 people died. The Dutch-led joint investigation team has named three Russians and a Ukrainian as suspects. Also, a UN report says Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman 'should f...Show More

23:47 | Jun 19th

The five candidates to replace Theresa May disagreed on whether a Brexit deal could be negotiated before the 31 October deadline. Also: the artists backing the resistance in Sudan, and a starving polar bear strays hundreds of kilometres into a Siberi...Show More

29:52 | Jun 18th

China urges US and China not to escalate tensions as Gulf crisis continues. Washington is deploying another 1000 troops to region following what it calls 'hostile behaviour' by Iran. Also, Michel Platini questioned by French police over awarding o...Show More

27:33 | Jun 17th

The former President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, dies after fainting in a Cairo courtroom, The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, will make a rare state visit to North Korea on Thursday, One woman's campaign to save the Hammerhead shark - a delicacy for som...Show More

28:05 | Jun 17th

Pope says church to discuss idea of married priests in area with shortage of clergy. If approved by bishops, this would be a break with a Roman Catholic tradition dating back many centuries. Also, Iran announces it will breach the internationally-...Show More

27:02 | Jun 16th

Sudan's former-President Omar al-Bashir has appeared in public for the first time since he was overthrown in a coup in April. He has been charged with corruption and illegally possessing foreign currency. Also: protesters in Hong Kong return to the s...Show More

26:23 | Jun 15th

Protest leaders say that's not enough and will press ahead with a rally on Sunday. Also, Notre Dame Cathedral holds its first mass since the fire, and Italian film director Franco Zeffirelli dies at 96.

28:36 | Jun 14th

The president cites footage the US says shows Iranian forces taking a mine off one of the ships. Also: World Health Organization says the deadly Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is 'not a global threat', and Leonard Cohen's love let...Show More

24:52 | Jun 14th

It shows Iranian forces in a small boat taking an unexploded, magnetic mine off the hull of one of the ships after the attacks. The Iranians deny any involvement in the attacks. Doctors across India have stopped work to demand better protection from ...Show More

26:42 | Jun 13th

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States had made its assessment based on intelligence about the type of weapons used in the attacks in the Gulf of Oman. Also: Uganda has sent the family of two people who died of Ebola back into easte...Show More

27:42 | Jun 13th

The cause of the blasts in one of the world's busiest oil routes is unclear and both vessels are still afloat. It comes a month after four oil tankers were attacked off the UAE. In Uganda health authorities are on heightened alert after a second pers...Show More

27:17 | Jun 12th

Carrie Lam is backing a controversial bill which has provoked a wave of protest in Hong Kong. Also: US to send 1,000 troops to Poland, and the cyclist Chris Froome is out of the Tour de France after fracturing his femur in a high-speed crash.

28:40 | Jun 12th

The protesters are angry at a law that would allow extradition to mainland China. Also: President Trump and former vice-president Joe Biden trade insults at separate rallies in Iowa, and can fish feel emotion?

28:59 | Jun 11th

Drug charges against the investigative journalist Ivan Golunov are dropped after newspapers unite in defence. Also: Sudan talks 'to resume soon' as strikes halted, and Queen Elizabeth's former Malta home Villa Guardamangia is up for sale.

30:43 | Jun 11th

Botswana's High Court rejects laws that impose jail-sentences for same-sex relationships. Activists welcome the decision as a significant step forward for gay rights on the African continent. Also, controversial Pakistani politician Altaf Hussain is...Show More

26:22 | Jun 10th

Local officials blame Fulani herdsmen for the attack on the Sobame Da village, inhabited by three hundred people from the Dogon ethnic group. Also: Ten British MPs have put their names forward to succeed Theresa May as party leader and Prime Minister...Show More

30:42 | Jun 10th

Three men jailed for life for a brutal killing that shocked India and the wider world. And three police officers jailed for five years for destroying evidence. Also, three leading Russian newspapers show support for reporter charged with drug of...Show More

28:46 | Jun 9th

Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Hong Kong against the proposals. Police in Kazakhstan make arrests during a much criticised vote to elect the country's first new president in 30 years. Also, Sudanese security forces fire tear gas to disper...Show More

23:33 | Jun 8th

Ivan Golunov's supporters say he was framed by the state as punishment for investigating political and financial corruption. Also: Sudan's opposition call for a campaign of civil disobedience after three of their leaders were arrested. And a Dutch re...Show More

25:53 | Jun 7th

Hosts beat South Korea 4:0 in opening match, also: NASA opens the ISS for space tourism and how water availability determines wedding preparations in India.

27:38 | Jun 7th

The former football star is accused of concentrating on acquiring personal wealth instead of focusing on the needs of impoverished people. Also: North Korea postpones an international youth football tournament - prompting speculation about internal t...Show More

21:41 | Jun 6th

The African Union tries to move forward the transfer of power by suspending Sudan and threatening sanctions. Also: Hong Kong lawyers protest against a plan to extradite criminal suspects to mainland China, and researchers say your anxiety may be putt...Show More

26:41 | Jun 6th

The country has been suspended with immediate effect until a civilian-led transitional authority is in place. Also: World leaders gather in Normandy, France for D-Day tributes, and the locked safe in Canada that was opened by a one in a million chanc...Show More

26:34 | Jun 5th

Doctors linked to the Sudanese opposition said the bodies were among scores believed killed by security forces on Monday. Also: three large meth labs dismantled in Mexico and commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

28:41 | Jun 5th

Sudan: Head of military council offers to hold talks with opposition. But Khartoum residents say the RSF militia - formerly known as Janjaweed - are attacking civilians. Also, commemorations are held for 75th anniversary of the historic D-Day landin...Show More

29:47 | Jun 4th

The US president said the US and UK have the "greatest alliance the world has ever known". Also: Ethiopia’s anger over US gay tour plan.

29:29 | Jun 4th

Hong Kong vigil commemorates 1989 crackdown on protestors in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Hundreds of demonstrators are believed to have been killed during attack by the army. Also, thousands of protestors gather in London on second day of Presiden...Show More

27:24 | Jun 3rd

Security forces attack pro-democracy protestors in Khartoum, killing many people. Also: Trump praises 'eternal friendship' of US and UK, and a family in Scotland has discovered a medieval chess piece in their drawer, missing for almost 200 years.

29:50 | Jun 3rd

Troops attack pro-democracy protest outside military headquarters in Khartoum. Medical sources say at least 12 people were killed and dozens of others injured. Also, President Trump begins state visit to Britain, rescuers see bodies during search fo...Show More

35:34 | Jun 2nd

Pope Francis addressed the ‘discrimination, segregation, and mistreatment’ Roma people suffered at the hands of the church. Also: The US says it will make its own assessments to ensure that Iran is never able to build a nuclear weapon and, the man se...Show More

28:22 | Jun 1st

The leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan has vowed to continue fighting until foreign forces have left the country and an Islamic system is established. Also, President Trump breaks diplomatic convention by intervening in the contest to be the next B...Show More

24:28 | May 31st

Syrian activists say President Assad's latest offensive has led to the biggest wave of displaced people since the conflict began. Also, the Kosovan prime minister orders the expulsion of a Russian UN official accused of obstructing the police. And t...Show More

26:57 | May 31st

President Trump announces tariffs on imports, to make Mexico curb illegal immigration into the US. Mexico's president says taxes won't solve social problems. Also, US-led coalition against IS says it killed 1,300 civilians in Syria and Iraq, and a UN...Show More

32:00 | May 30th

President Trump attacks former special counsel's refusal to exonerate him, Saudi Arabia holds emergency talks about Iran - and even invites its rival Qatar. And the smallest premature baby is released from hospital

28:10 | May 30th

Seven South Korean tourists have died and tens are missing after a boat sank on the Danube river in Hungary's capital, Budapest. Also: Narendra Modi has been sworn-in as India's prime minister for his second term, and the lock of hair that may fetch ...Show More

28:47 | May 30th

Lawmakers in Israel vote to dissolve parliament after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form a coalition. Also: Mueller says charging Trump not an option, and Banksy mural in Wales moved from garage to art gallery.

30:13 | May 29th

President Buhari promised to continue his anti-corruption campaign during his 2nd term. His to-do list also includes reviving a weak economy and tackling insecurity. Also, Boris Johnson to appear in court over Brexit misconduct claims and eight years...Show More

30:57 | May 28th

Johnson & Johnson, one of the world's largest drug manufacturers, has gone on trial in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit brought by the US state of Oklahoma. Also: 'unfolding humanitarian disaster' in north-west Syria and Canada fines man after smugglin...Show More

29:43 | May 28th

Human rights campaigners say both sides may have committed crimes against humanity. Human Rights Watch accuses the Egyptian government and radical Islamists of wide range of abuses as they fight for control of Sinai. Also, how North Koreans have to...Show More

28:57 | May 27th

Opposition parties in Austria backed the vote after the collapse of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's coalition. Also: Myanmar soldiers accused of a massacre 'released early' and a rare archive film of Queen Victoria has been rediscovered.

26:22 | May 27th

Centrist blocs in European Parliament have now lost their combined majority. There've been big gains in several countries by liberals, the Greens and nationalists. Also, President Trump backs possible face-to-face meeting between leaders of Japan ...Show More

25:00 | May 26th

Europe's major centre-left and centre-right parties set to lose dozens of seats and their combined majority, green parties and some far-right parties did well. This year saw the highest turnout in 20 years. Also: three French citizens sentenced to de...Show More

26:02 | May 25th

An international tribunal has ordered Russia to "immediately" release 24 Ukrainian sailors and three naval ships it seized off Crimea in November. Also: Ireland looks set to liberalise divorce laws and we’ll hear about the winner of the Palme d’Or at...Show More

28:55 | May 24th

Theresa May has said she will quit as Conservative leader on 7 June, paving the way for a contest to decide a new prime minister. Also: The High Court in Kenya has ruled against campaigners seeking to overturn a law banning gay sex, and children arou...Show More

25:52 | May 24th

She'll stay on as prime minister until a successor is chosen, but has warned candidates that compromise will be necessary to secure a Brexit deal. Police in Indian-administered Kashmir say they've killed one of the most wanted separatist leaders. Plu...Show More

24:41 | May 23rd

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, is charged with 17 new spying offences. He is currently in prison in London. Also: John Walker Lindh - the man dubbed the American Taliban - is released from prison early, and the inspirational story of the I...Show More