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We explore the innovations and ideas that will transform our cities.

25:56 | Oct 11th

Getting around cities today can be challenging, and new modes are appearing daily, adding to the confusion. But what if mobility were frictionless, easy  —  maybe even fun? Hear Horace Dediu talk micro-mobility; Bibiana McHugh tell the stories of ...Show More

26:53 | Sep 13th

We're in a housing crisis. Could affordability by design be part of the solution? In this episode we look at trends in housing — from unit design to co-living — and ask how the private sector can do more to help create more choice and affordability i...Show More
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28:51 | Nov 8th

Buildings today are sealed, hermetic structures that never move and never change. But new technologies and materials are allowing our buildings to move, evolve, and even respond — not only to their environments, but to us, too. We talk to Sidewalk...Show More

23:26 | Oct 25th

For a sustainable future, we need to turn away from fossil fuels and turn towards electricity. But to electrify everything — our cars, our buildings, our entire neighborhoods — we'll need to make some big changes first. We talk to Gretchen Bakke, ...Show More

29:24 | Sep 27th

Vacant storefronts have become pervasive. Why? And how can we help retailers, and community spaces, thrive? In this episode, we explore innovations that could help address the retail crisis — and embed flexibility and vibrancy into our cities' ground...Show More
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