Hot and Bothered

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On Hot and Bothered, we encourage people to write Romance novels as a sacred practice. Each episode, we follow the experience of one of Vanessa Zoltan's friends who is writing their very first romance novel. Vanessa is joined by Julia Quinn, her fav...Show More

52:18 | Jul 16th

Vanessa Zoltan thinks that happy endings are the best part of romance novels. Bryce Gilfillian is writing his first romance novel and refuses to write a happy ending. This week on Hot and Bothered, we explore the trope of “Updated Fairytale.” Bryce s...Show More

30:13 | Dec 3rd

This week Vanessa talks about how the Friends-to-Lovers trope reflects the love she has for her real life partner, and how writing her own romance novel has allowed her to discover the importance of trust in her relationships.  Meanwhile, Ariana int...Show More
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37:17 | Nov 26th

Vanessa and Julia deal with a Reddit question from a woman whose boyfriend has recently found religion. Should his attempts to convert her end their relationship? To explore this question, Vanessa talks with journalist Lauren Sandler about her resea...Show More

48:03 | Nov 19th

This week, Vanessa’s friend, Liz, writes on the “Widowed Virgin” trope, telling the story of a Jewish widow who finds sexual awakening after her husband’s death. Vanessa reflects on her own Jewish upbringing, and confronts the familial urge to marry ...Show More

47:22 | Nov 12th

This week Vanessa and Julia discuss a boyfriend’s jealousy of his girlfriend’s dream man. Can someone’s fantasy life be threatening to their relationship?  To get answers, Vanessa talks with popular Romance advocate and critic Jen Prokop, of @JenRea...Show More
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