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Hot and Bothered

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On Hot and Bothered, we encourage people to write Romance novels as a sacred practice. Each episode, we follow the experience of one of Vanessa Zoltan's friends who is writing their very first romance novel. Vanessa is joined by Julia Quinn, her fav...Show More

52:18 | Jul 16th

Vanessa Zoltan thinks that happy endings are the best part of romance novels. Bryce Gilfillian is writing his first romance novel and refuses to write a happy ending. This week on Hot and Bothered, we explore the trope of “Updated Fairytale.” Bryce s...Show More

46:11 | Aug 27th

It’s no secret Olivia and Molly would love to have a baby. Vanessa thinks she might want a baby, but isn’t so sure. This week on Hot & Bothered, we explore the trope of “Secret Baby.” Olivia and Molly have been patiently hoping and working to bring a...Show More

31:53 | Aug 20th

That’s right! You work on your writing, we’ll work on other people’s love lives! This week, Vanessa and friend Julia Argy offer their support and unsolicited advice to an especially distraught Redditor wondering what to do with a husband who claims h...Show More

52:06 | Aug 13th

Vanessa has been faithfully holding onto her old love letters. Her friend Sejal, however, has decided to burn her own memorabilia and never look back. Which one is right? This week on Hot & Bothered, we explore the trope “Reunited Lovers.” Sejal has ...Show More

33:00 | Aug 6th

Join us on Patreon today for more of the content you love! Another week to work on your next writing assignment? You’re welcome! This week, Vanessa and friend Julia Argy offer more unsolicited advice to a romance-fraught Redditor caught between the l...Show More

50:05 | Jul 30th

Ariana Nedelman wants to write a romance novel, no matter how much it hurts. Vanessa Zoltan loves her friend Ariana, and doesn’t want her to do things that hurt!This week on Hot & Bothered, we explore the trope “Enemies to Lovers.” Ariana confronts h...Show More

31:16 | Jul 23rd

Haven't finished the first writing assignment? No problem! We know writing takes time, so you'll have two weeks for each of Julia Quinn's assignments. In the meantime, Vanessa and her friend Julia Argy will buy you some time and turn to Reddit romanc...Show More

05:37 | Feb 14th

Here is an Anti-Valentine from Vanessa and Ariana.All 20 episodes of Hot & Bothered will be launching weekly, on Tuesdays, starting May 21st. In the meantime, we wanted to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day. Really! Happy Valentine’s Day! Or at least, ...Show More

06:23 | Oct 31st, 2018

A closer look at Season One of Hot & Bothered, coming early 2019.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

01:28 | Feb 27th, 2018

Romance novels are the publishing industry’s dirty little secret. They make up 34% of the U.S. fiction market, yet there's still so much stigma around reading them. Join Vanessa Zoltan in October 2018 as she investigates the joyful, feminist, sacred ...Show More