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Visual Arts

Modern Art is Rubbish

Modern Art is Rubbish

2 British guys guide you through the labyrinth that is the visual arts, whether modern, contemporary, renaissance art, or caveman creativity, nothing is off limits. With our tongue firmly in our cheek and some serious facts; for each episode we wil...Show More

19:49 | Sep 24th

In this Art News episode we talk of Cats on the Underground, Private emails made public and stolen golden toilets!...

36:29 | Sep 10th

Trash Art, Eco Rubbish and confused Cleaners!   Cod and Chips to Take Away 2008 Gavin Turk Gavin Turk has...
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20:41 | Aug 27th

Bar Bought Rembrandt & Cuban Artist Arrest MAIR38   We bring you 2 art stories, one  featuring a Mystery Rembrandt...

36:52 | Aug 13th

In this we episode talk about the Neo Expressionist  and Titan of Painting Basquiat.   Early years Born 1960 his...

13:44 | Jul 30th

Art News Asphalt Accidents & Italian Art First MAIR36   In this short holiday episode we bring you 2 stories,...
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