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Young, fit and female? Higher chance of misdiagnosis.

10:08 | Apr 21st, 2018

Welcome to DDx, an original podcast by Figure 1 about how doctors think.  On episode 1, host and emergency doctor Raj Bhardwaj presents a real medical case as told by the doctor who diagnosed it. A young woman is almost misdiagnosed - perhaps fata...Show More
Sudoku seizures.

09:12 | Apr 21st, 2018

A young man's near-death experience results in a very puzzling diagnosis on the season finale of DDx.
Extreme reactions to marijuana.

11:58 | Apr 21st, 2018

Chronic vomiting, a flushed complexion, and acute agitation: Can cannabis be the cause? A growing consensus among doctors suggests cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is real and on the rise.
The near-miss.

11:45 | Apr 21st, 2018

A patient says she feels fine. A quick-thinking doctor arrives at a dire and uncommon diagnosis. Then it happens again. And again.
The source of the bleed.

10:35 | Apr 21st, 2018

A patient with an acute subdural hematoma presents with no sign of head trauma. The search for an answer almost overlooks an obvious question.
Anchoring bias and the frequent flyer.

10:49 | Mar 13th, 2018

A 19-year-old with sickle cell disease is well-known to ER doctors as a "frequent flyer". Every time they see her it's due to chronic pain related to her disease. Except for the one time it isn't.  For related photos, medical cases and links to re...Show More