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Write Or Die Podcast

Write Or Die Podcast

Often times in publishing we only hear about the quick sales and overnight successes - but for most of us publishing is hard as shit! So I’m gonna share those stories - the real, gritty, pull your hair out because it’s been years - stories of writers...Show More

01:08 | Mar 8th, 2018

Welcome to episode zero of The write or die podcast , a podcast that’s going to give you a real, unfiltered look behind the curtain of publishing. So many of the stories we hear are about the authors who are “overnight successes” but I wanted to high...Show More

1:46:57 | Oct 7th

This week, Claribel and Kat talk all about being on submission and the dangers of judging authors based on their perceived standing in the publishing world. PLUS we talk to THE LEIGH BARDUGO about her publishing journey, the new Shadow and Bone serie...Show More
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1:28:11 | Sep 30th

This week we talk about Twitter burn out, finding balance with social media and interview adult military Sci-Fi author Michael Mammay who drags Claribel’s first drafts and talks about starting your writing career after a whole other career!

1:17:02 | Sep 23rd

This week Kat breaks down her debut experience and we talk to literary agent Jim McCarthy who takes us on a day in the life of a literary agent and answers your questions!

1:36:03 | Sep 16th

In this week’s episode we talk publishing trends with former scout and current editor Rebecca Kuss, plus trusting the timing of your own writing journey.
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