Death in Ice Valley

1. The Isdal Woman

32:26 | Apr 16th, 2018

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Some graves hold more secrets than others. No relatives attended her funeral and she had died in terrible circumstances. With Marit Higraff and Neil McCarthy. #DeathInIceValley More


rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 27th

This is the first episode of a completely gripping series about a very mysterious woman found dead in Norway in the 1970s. Iā€™m pretty discerning when it comes to true crime, but this one makes the cut.

julie recommended:Jan 25th

Fascinating mystery!

rmmiller364Feb 1st

@julie thanks for recommending this! I listened to the whole series and I really wish there were updates!

jilliankuzma recommended:Jul 26th, 2019

Death in Ice Valley chronicles the discovery of an unidentified body known only as the Isdal Woman and investigation into who she was and how she died. The podcast dives into the many baffling details of the case and looks for new clues that could finally close a nearly fifty-year-old mystery.