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The Good from Dickinson College shares stories about students, professors and alumni. Each month, we'll hear from college President Margee Ensign, stretch your mind with a brain teaser and connect with what's good at Dickinson.
Episode 209 - Screenwriter Ed Ricourt

13:36 | May 15th

Ed Ricourt recently visited campus for the annual Poitras-Gleim Lecture. We caught up with the award-winning screenwriter during his time in Carlisle to discuss how an independent study course led to his career. Plus, Associate Professor of Mathemati...Show More
Episode 208 - Seeking Snakes in the Snow

11:14 | Apr 24th

We travel to the snowy mountains of Colorado where a team of Dickinson researchers is learning more about rattlesnake dens using ground-penetrating radar. Plus, Prof. Jeff Forrester reveals last month's trivia answer, and he has a new question about ...Show More
Episode 207 - Telling Forgotten Stories of Slavery

11:14 | Mar 28th

In this episode, we meet students researching the college's connections to American slavery and hear some of the stories they've uncovered through the Dickinson & Slavery exhibit at the House Divided Project. Plus, Prof. Jeff Forrester reveals last m...Show More
Episode 206 - Amy Nauiokas

12:08 | Feb 28th

We talk with media mogul and finance titan Amy Nauiokas '94 about how her time at Dickinson prepared her for success on Wall Street and in Hollywood. Plus, we find out who Associate Professor of Mathematics Jeff Forrester was looking for in last mont...Show More
Episode 205 - Squash Success

11:44 | Jan 23rd

We visit a practice session with the Dickinson College men's and women's squash teams as the program marks its fifth season and welcomes a new coach. Also, math professor Jeff Forrester is looking for a certain group in this month's puzzle. Email you...Show More
Episode 204 - The Trial of the Century

11:00 | Nov 15th, 2018

We talk with Dickinson College student Sophie Kivlehan about her involvement in a landmark federal lawsuit over climate change. Also, Associate Professor of Mathematics Jeff Forrester serves up a breakfast beverage brain buster. (Know the answer? Ema...Show More
Episode 203 - Inside Admissions

13:10 | Oct 24th, 2018

We ride along with a Dickinson College admissions staff member on a visit to prospective students. Plus, the dean of admissions offers tips for "finding your fit" at college. Prof. Jeff Forrester has a new brain teaser - it's a real "toss-up." Know t...Show More
Episode 202 - Iceland Lake Research

14:58 | Sep 20th, 2018

We travel to Iceland with Dickinson College researchers who've earned the title "National Geographic Explorers" while working on a climate change investigation. Plus, we reveal the answer to last season's trivia question that sent you looking for a s...Show More
Episode 201 - Lauren Ashley Smith

18:26 | Aug 16th, 2018

Join us for a conversation with TV comedy writer and Dickinson alumna Lauren Ashley Smith ’06. Smith was head writer for “The Rundown with Robin Thede” on BET. She has also written for shows on VH1 and Bravo. Plus, we unveil last season’s trivia answ...Show More
The Good from Dickinson College Episode 003

12:36 | May 17th, 2018

We travel to the campus of Northwestern University for a conversation with renowned chemist, nanotechnology pioneer and Dickinson alumnus Chad Mirkin ’86. We unveil the answer to last month’s brain teaser and Prof. Jeff Forrester serves up a riddle f...Show More
The Good from Dickinson College Episode 002

11:37 | Apr 19th, 2018

In this episode, we join Dickinson College students using ground-penetrating radar to search for unmarked grave sites. The project combines science, history and civic engagement. Then, our trivia segment sends you on a treasure hunt for a connection ...Show More
The Good from Dickinson College Episode 001

11:49 | Mar 14th, 2018

We discuss baseball, leadership and more with Dickinson College alumnus and Philadelphia Phillies President Andy MacPhail. Then, we stretch our minds with a brain teaser from math & computer science professor Jeff Forrester. Know the answer? Email th...Show More
Get to Know The Good

00:25 | Mar 2nd, 2018

Listen to “The Good” from Dickinson College. Our monthly podcast shares stories from students, professors, alumni and friends of Dickinson. We’ll stretch your mind with a brain teaser, and we’ll sit down regularly with Dickinson President Margee Ensi...Show More