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Full Time Podcast

Talking the English Premier League and Champions League weekly. Our goal is to spread the passion we have for the beautiful game to people all around the world, whether if you're a casual, super fan, or not a fan at all (you will be), this podcast is...Show More


11:23 | Nov 1st, 2019

For almost 2 years we've talked Premier League and Champions League soccer and have had an absolute blast! Unfortunately, now is the time to venture onto a new topic due to work, I haven't been able t...Show More

46:20 | Oct 23rd, 2019

Like we said last week, the Premier League is back baby! Well instead of talking about all 10 games like we normally do, Todd discusses 5/10 due to MLS playoffs and other commitments. But those 5 game...Show More
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34:59 | Oct 17th, 2019

With another international break passing that means we can get back to recording two (2) episodes a week! (We're sorry we're slackers) What a tough week its been if you're a USMNT fan huh? Its only ri...Show More

47:10 | Oct 10th, 2019

Back from vacation during the worse possible time because its the INTERNATIONAL BREAK! So, what do you do when it's the international break? Its simple. You talk about supporting grassroots soccer, yo...Show More

28:41 | Oct 4th, 2019

We're back again at interviewing ANOTHER Railway Football Club! This time we interview Carl Burton and Darren Fielding who are the Managers of South Western Railway FC, who compete in the GTR Railway ...Show More
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