The Femsplainers Podcast

Christina Hoff Sommers & Danielle Crittenden

It’s the gossipy, smart, witty conversation you’d have if all of your girlfriends (and some of your guy friends too!) were experts on the hot topics of the moment. High spirited and high minded, we don’t argue or whine but seek to get to the heart of...Show More

1:35:00 | Feb 11th

Who knows more about staying in love than a divorce lawyer? Author & attorney James Sexton shares what he's learned from his 1,000+ divorce cases with Christina & Danielle. PLUS: A surprise guest cras...Show More

1:15:17 | Feb 4th

The Atlantic's Emily Yoffe & The WSJ's Meghan Cox Gurdon join Christina & Danielle for a wine-fuelled gossip about new corporate etiquette, "trad wives," why the Cat in the Hat should be canceled, and...Show More
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1:22:51 | Jan 28th

The Atlantic's Judith Shulevitz tells Danielle & guest host Mona Charen how our overburdened schedules are taking a dire toll on American society. PLUS: Quilting injustices and why girls are being "sh...Show More

1:24:07 | Jan 21st

Everything you think you know about how to succeed in the workforce as a woman is wrong, according to author Marissa Orr. PLUS: Christina & Danielle on Megxit, freeing nipples, vagina candles, and tak...Show More

1:30:18 | Jan 14th

Season 6 debuts with a surprise visit from Christina's new boss, AEI President Robert Doar, while Danielle hastily tries to hide the champagne bottles. We're up to new antics -- which hopefully don't ...Show More
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