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The Native American Flute Music podcast is hosted by Bill Webb. Bill Webb is a composer, performer and singer of original music featuring Native American flute and world instruments. The Native American Flute Podcast includes music from dozens of h...Show More


19:42 | Feb 11th

There is one energy field. It is ubiquitous, in fact, infinite. All things consist of the energy field. This meditation aligns your thoughts with the infinite perfect energy field that is the only ...Show More

25:26 | Feb 4th

Meditation in the now of Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, the allness of is, the actual identity of God, here and now in you and me. We are of God. Realize it now and choose to be Happy, and F...Show More
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25:31 | Jan 29th

Meditate with music and words. Music from the album 'World Flute Music' and words by Bill Webb. I Am Being Now. LOPEHA.

35:48 | Jan 15th

This audio podcast introduces the forthcoming free YouTube flute lessons: Native American Flute Experience by Bill Webb. Experience the flute, how it functions, how you function, how the body, mind, ...Show More

34:00 | Jan 8th

Introducing!!! The Native American Flute Experiemce. This episode encourages you to learn the flute by listening and getting pumped up for the forthcoming free flute lessons on You Tube. They are ca...Show More
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