1. Hope is a Mistake

19:56 | Apr 18th, 2018

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Welcome to Orbital Teledynamics — as far from Guymon as you can get without actually leaving Guymon.Directed by Sebastian Silva; written by Kevin Moffett and Matthew Derby; executive produced by Mimi ...Show More


angi1214 recommended:Sep 9th, 2020

I thought this episode was:

🥳 Entertaining
😂 Funny

myousuff recommended:Jun 14th, 2018

An intro abt Sandra is a well thought AD. Given the way Alexa is being reported to be intuitive, listening 2 ur talks & revealing d same 2 others in contacts, it’s scary when ur E-PA knows abt likes & fav as in the song played in this episode.

myousuffFeb 23rd, 2019

Ellen’s life seems to be a mess with her husband Donny. It was nice to here Ellen naming her husband as dependent though :)

myousuffFeb 23rd, 2019

I wonder if all Americans are elabrotive, I mean clear, in their approach, like the conversation between Ellen and Receptionist. It’s impressive.

myousuffFeb 23rd, 2019

Is Helen joining Sandra is thereby titled as "Hope is a mistake".

sms011 recommended:Dec 29th, 2020

This is the first audio drama podcast I enjoyed and it sent me down a path of the never-ending search for the next great audio drama.

I thought this episode was:

🤔 Thought-provoking
📝 Well-written