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Dear Young Rocker

Chelsea Ursin


An audio memoir of growing up a loner and finding a home in rock music. Coming soon from Double Elvis Productions and iHeartRadio

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48:42 | Mar 25th

In this final episode of season one, young Chelsea starts coming up against some obstacles in her new chosen major of music and sound recording. She is feeling inadequate in her musical ability once a...Show More

40:53 | Mar 18th

College is a time to try out different for yourself and Chelsea does just that with a 180 degree major switch from Biology to Music and Sound Recording Technology. Once again despite feeling in her he...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

47:04 | Mar 11th

Young Chelsea's first semester of college is an adjustment and she isn't sure about being a biology major. She finds one person who "gets it" though she can't say the same for her roommate. She wonder...Show More

44:24 | Mar 4th

Chelsea presses pause on her own story and passes the mic to five other rockers. Members of the bands Palehound (Ellen Kempner and Larz Brogan), Summer Cannibals (Jess Boudreaux and Cassi Blum) and Wo...Show More

46:16 | Feb 26th

Senior year and graduation is cracked up to be the pinnacle of high school, but Chelsea isn't feeling much school spirit. She just wants out, and is looking forward to college but her cello teacher do...Show More
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