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Keith Decent

The story of how we make stuff

16:00 | Apr 13th, 2018

A look into one of reclaiming and upcycling's most divisive topics, Pallets of fear provides background and expert insight into what makes these tools of the shipping trade so appealing to many, and so unnerving to others. Special thanks to Paul Jac...Show More

13:35 | Aug 16th

How many Napoleons does it take to accidentally invent the Flea Market? Music: Lee Rosevere - Puzzle Pieces Couperin - Pieces en Concert - Prelude, La Tromba, Air de Diable Lee Rosevere - Under Suspicion Ruff and Ready - Matt Oakley Lee Rosevere ...Show More
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15:33 | Jun 28th

Invisible wood? Bullet proof wood? 1200 foot-tall, fire-resistant skyscrapers made from timber? This episode explores the various superpowers given to wood by scientists and engineers of the modern age as well as our recent past. Music: Puzzle Pie...Show More

15:20 | May 22nd

From a colony of insects on a tree branch in India, to your fingernails, food, medicine, artwork, and furniture, shellac undergoes a 3000 year journey to become a worldwide industry. Myths, inventions, the delta blues, and apples are all touched upon...Show More

10:33 | Mar 10th

The tragic tale of two brothers, Hosea and Ethan, who set off into the American West search of riches, only to find disease, famine, thievery, toil, and eventually, death. This episode takes the form of an epic poem with some surprise guests! All mu...Show More
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