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Assassinations Podcast

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Each episode, Assassinations Podcast delves into one of history's most notorious assassinations and explores the mysteries and conspiracies that surround it.

43:17 | Aug 5th

Part 1/2. In the first case of Season 4 of our show, we look at the assassination of Julius Caesar. This will be a two-parter, starting with the extraordinary life of Caesar, who made powerful enemies during his rise to supreme power in Ancient Rome....Show More

02:03 | Aug 2nd

Season 4 is going live on August 5th! The theme for this season is dynasties - assassinations by and within powerful families through the ages. We'll travel from Ancient Rome to Renaissance Italy, and from 20th century New York right up to one of the...Show More
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30:11 | Jul 15th

Part 2/2. In the second part of our look at the case of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, we learn about the investigations she was working on and consider who might have had motive to murder her. This episode includes a trailer for our bra...Show More

20:01 | Jul 10th

Assassinations Podcast is dark this week, but we’re bringing you a sneak preview of a brand new show launching this week on our network: Fab Figmentals, a podcast that explores the realm of curious creatures, magical monsters, and beautiful beasts! E...Show More

31:55 | Jul 1st

Part 1/2. In the first part of our look at the case of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in 2017, we follow her alleged killers as they carry out the assassination using a car bomb. Concludes in two weeks' time. This episode in...Show More
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