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Assassinations Podcast

Tantallon Media


Each episode, Assassinations Podcast delves into one of history's most notorious assassinations and explores the mysteries and conspiracies that surround it.


32:33 | Apr 29th

In the conclusion to our look at the life and death of Robert Maxwell, we travel back to 1991 to imagine his final hours aboard The Lady Ghislaine. To find out more about the people and music feature...Show More

34:04 | Apr 21st

Notorious media mogul Robert Maxwell died after seemingly falling off his yacht, but some believe that he had been murdered before his body was dumped overboard. Concludes next week. To find out more...Show More
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34:04 | Apr 7th

In 1975, one of the giants of post-war American life vanished. Jimmy Hoffa, the long-term leader of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, left his home for a meeting - seemingly with two mafiosi...Show More

48:18 | Mar 24th

In the concluding part of our look at the death of Senator Robert Kennedy, we consider the way that witness statements and ballistic evidence were handled by the LAPD, and we meet a man accused of bei...Show More

41:28 | Mar 18th

The show returns for its sixth season, which will focus on the theme of conspiracy theories. We start with a two-part look at the murder of Senator Robert Francis Kennedy in 1968. To find out more ab...Show More
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