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The D.C. Snipers

0:00 | Jan 6th

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“If you’re black, you can’t get work as a serial killer even if you’re manifestly qualified.” Mike tells Sarah how a military veteran became an abuser, a murderer and, eventually, a footnote in his ow...Show More


katierunde recommended:Aug 10th

I thought this episode was:

😲 Fascinating

rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 17th

I listened to this based on others’ recommendations and I was enjoying it, but thinking it was a little long. Then I got to the last ten minutes and WOW, my mind is blown. In hindsight, it was definitely worth spending so much time on Mildred’s story and learning about her courage in the face of dom...Show More

rmmiller364Jan 17th

@trajaneu you should listen to this!

michelle_ebooks recommended:Jan 15th

this episode is so soooo good. the first part of 2 (eagerly waiting!!!) framed as a domestic terrorist case/ serial killer that doesn’t even get that much attention because the perpetrator is a black man in american. (great point on the podcast is that no one in media wants to humanize and understan...Show More

danny recommended:Jan 19th

Wow, great storytellers and if you don't stick it out till the end, you're missing out on a great ending.

mm recommended:Jan 18th

A serial killer in DC kills a dozen people randomly in a storybook serial killer fashion with notes and tarot cards left behind with victims. It all might have stemmed from a domestic abuse situation where he wanted to psychologically control his wife. Bless Mildred Muhammad. I hope she’s in a bette...Show More

mmJan 18th

@ddtbagbabe @mitra This episode is must listen for you!!!

alishiamarieJan 18th

@mm adding to the list!

rmmiller364Jan 18th

@mm Mildred seems like she’s living her best life now. Google her!

argentumJan 20th

@mm I'm so glad you guys all liked it! I listen to a lot lot of podcasts so I try to make my recommendations only the actual best ones I hear. Glad other people took to this one too

mmJan 20th

@argentum This was really great! You can see how you set off a chain reaction for the rest of us to listen to it too :) If this was one of best ones, I’m curious what else are your “less best” ones! 🤔

argentum recommended:Jan 8th

This episode was crazy! I grew up in DC and had no idea that this was a domestic abuse case! What a wild story.

mmJan 18th

@argentum Thanks for the recommendation in this! It was crazy! Do you remember much about the time when this happened? The scene they illustrated about how the parents were forming human walls to protect their kids during that time...

argentumJan 20th

@mm I was very young and didn't understand exactly what was going on at the time. Most people were business as usual. There were people who behaved more dramatically but they were not the majority.

mmJan 20th

@argentum Ah, they probably overemphasized the drama in this episode then. I remember going to DC by myself a few year ago and walking around at night a bit worried, because I heard about the gun violence in DC. I think I was in the NoMa area(?) where the that popular pie shop is and seeing a glass ...Show More


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