You're Wrong About
You're Wrong About


0:00 | Aug 18th, 2018

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Mike tells Sarah that the D.A.R.E. program did not, in fact, keep kids off drugs. But that’s just the beginning of the debunking. Digressions include Martin Scorsese, Iceland and control groups. Neith...Show More


mm recommended:Apr 5th

The weird and wild history of the DARE drug abstinence program! I totally had DARE at school and it did work on us tho. My case may be an exception because it was an inner city school with a lot of street drug use right outside the school walls, so learning to say “no” to drugs to strangers was actu...Show More

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rmmiller364Apr 5th

@mm We actually did not have DARE. We had a cop come for like an hour-long assembly once and I remember he had “drugs” in baggies to show us what they looked like. Being from a very rural place where there weren’t many drugs at that time (now, the opioid epidemic has changed things quite a bit), it ...Show More

mmApr 5th

@rmmiller364 Interesting...So fascinating how your perception of DARE can totally change depending on context. We were taught to find needles and condoms in the school fields since we were in Kindergarten, so I never really questioned it until now!

rmmiller364 recommended:Apr 3rd

This is an example of my favorite type of You’re Wrong About episode: stuff I heard about or experienced as a child, but had no real ability to understand or contextualize at the time. Key takeaways include: the utter garbage person that is the founder of DARE and the fact that DARE was killed by th...Show More

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