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University of Notre Dame

A college campus is a destination for all kinds of interesting people, representing all kinds of research specialties and fields of expertise. With a Side of Knowledge, which is produced at the University of Notre Dame, invites some of these folks ou...Show More

34:26 | Oct 10th

From charts about smoking and life expectancy to representations of how we vote, Alberto Cairo’s new book is an invitation to reconsider how we read (and misread) the visual arguments being made to us every day.

31:37 | Sep 26th

We went to brunch with historian John McGreevy to dive into the American story of the Jesuits—who, in the century following the nation’s founding, were viewed with suspicion as “the most Catholic of all Catholics.”
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34:59 | Sep 12th

It's the episode we were destined to do: a brunchtime interview with the founder of Podcast Brunch Club and general podcast connoisseur, Adela Mizrachi.

32:46 | Aug 29th

If you've got questions about Facebook's Libra—including what it and cryptocurrency more generally are to begin with—pull up a seat to this brunch with cybersecurity and privacy expert Mike Chapple.

35:54 | Aug 15th

We go to brunch with historian Ann Little and come away with the story of an 18th-century nun whose extraordinary life illustrates the broader struggle for resources, sovereignty, and survival in what would become the United States and Canada.
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