Repeat Customer
Repeat Customer

Beyond cookie butter: The secrets behind Trader Joe’s great customer experience

27:40 | Jun 18th, 2018

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Trader Joe's is renowned for its folksy charm, super helpful staff, and of course, its cookie butter, but there's way more than that behind the supermarket chain's leading customer experience. We tal...Show More


yesitsamerica recommended:Feb 25th

🍪 When brands reach a level of cult following, their entire marketing team deserves recognition! At Joe’s, it’s an effort between hiring, training and customer service strategies. Learnings: 👍🏼 front like workers represent your brand, invest in them (when you’re in customer service or retail ,...Show More

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aliceko recommended:Apr 24th, 2019

I discovered this podcast through the 2019 Webbys... & it might be one of my new favorites. This is a very well done episode on the secretive success of Trader Joes. Interviews w/ different people & a look into one of the most loved brands in the US.