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Unravel True Crime is a podcast where, each season, some of Australia's best journalists investigate unsolved crimes. Season 1 is Blood On The Tracks.

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BONUS — Seeing Is Believing

09:00 | Mar 11th

Host Gina McKeon interviews film-maker Helen Barrow about her coverage of Belinda Peisley’s inquest and the behind-the-scenes moments that we can’t hear in the audio. Helen’s one-hour tv documentary WHO KILLED BELINDA PEISLEY? is available on the st...Show More

S3 05 | The Visitor

39:11 | Mar 4th

Some of the most explosive moments in Belinda Peisley’s inquest happen between lawyer Phil Strickland and the man we’re calling Luke. Luke admits to using heroin and to staying on Belinda’s floor from time to time, like a lot of their crowd in Katoom...Show More

S3 04 | The Best Friend's Boyfriend

27:51 | Feb 25th

Jeremy Ward Douglas was going out with Belinda Peisley’s best friend, Heidi Wailes, at the time Belinda disappeared. The inquest into her death heard Jeremy had a reputation around town as a violent and controlling guy with a short temper who would h...Show More

S3 03 | The Best Friend

38:50 | Feb 18th

Heidi Wailes was close to Belinda and says she looked out for Belinda like an older sister would. But a break-in at Belinda’s house just days before she disappeared suggests Heidi might not have always been the friend she claimed to be. Many, includi...Show More

S3 02 | The Boyfriend

38:26 | Feb 11th

We go inside the courtroom at Belinda Peisley’s inquest to hear firsthand the arguments, phone taps and witness testimony. Jason*, Belinda’s boyfriend at the time, says he met up with her on the night she disappeared. They had an argument at her hous...Show More

S3 01 | Belinda

31:55 | Feb 4th

Belinda Peisley's life descended into chaos after her 18th birthday when she received a big inheritance and bought her own place in Katoomba. Her family hoped the house would set her up for life but, instead, her new address became a magnet for a wor...Show More

INTRODUCING — Last Seen Katoomba

03:00 | Jan 28th

19-year-old Belinda Peisley vanished after she left a Blue Mountains hospital on September 26, 1998. The single mum-of-two disappeared within a year of inheriting a significant sum of money from a relative and buying a house in Katoomba. The firs...Show More

S2 07 | Christmas Tree Hill

33:25 | Nov 12th, 2018

In the Season 2 finale, Ruby and Neil get the lead they have hoped for — a tip-off from an old law enforcement source about a potential burial site for Trudie Adams.

S2 06 | The Unholy Relationship

38:50 | Nov 5th, 2018

Investigating the link between a career criminal, Trudie ... and a corrupt cop.

S2 05 | The Big Bad Wolf

33:50 | Oct 29th, 2018

Hear the voice of criminal monster, Neville Tween.

S2 04 | The Green Kombi Van

35:59 | Oct 22nd, 2018

A completely new theory on what happened to Trudie Adams

S2 03 | The Hunting Ground

36:39 | Oct 15th, 2018

A chilling visit to bushland where abducted hitch-hikers are taken.

S2 02 | Suspicious Minds

31:39 | Oct 8th, 2018

Police begin looking for a motive.

S2 01 | Barrenjoey Road

26:10 | Oct 8th, 2018

A heart breaking search for the hitch-hike girl.

Introducing... Barrenjoey Road

03:50 | Oct 1st, 2018

The story of Barrenjoey Road explores why the case was never solved and takes us all the way to the top... to a criminal monster with links to organised crime and police corruption at the highest level.

S1 Update | More Blood On The Tracks

01:33 | Sep 27th, 2018

Allan Clarke investigates other mysterious deaths on the train tracks in regional NSW. To listen to his latest investigation, search for the Background Briefing podcast or listen online:

Listening tip: Gone Fishing

03:58 | Aug 9th, 2018

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S1 07 | Face To Face

30:29 | Jul 8th, 2018

Allan is finally there, in front of someone who might shed light on Mark's last night.

S1 06 | Revelation

22:16 | Jul 1st, 2018

The Unravel team cracks the case wide open with new leads and witnesses.

S1 05 | The Driver

31:00 | Jun 24th, 2018

Fresh evidence that Mark wasn’t alone at the tracks.

S1 04 | Whitewash

29:39 | Jun 17th, 2018

The family's hopes for an answer at the inquest fade fast.

S1 03 | The Boxer

28:16 | Jun 10th, 2018

Violence erupts as Uncle Duck and the family confront their number one suspect.

S1 02 | Foul Play 

28:16 | Jun 3rd, 2018

Mark Haines' family challenge the police investigation.

S1 01 | Blood On The Tracks

27:39 | May 27th, 2018

Thirty years of mystery surrounds the death of 17-year-old Mark Haines.

Introducing... Blood On The Tracks

03:13 | May 18th, 2018

UNRAVEL season 1 story, Blood On The Tracks, investigates the suspicious death of 17-year-old Mark Haines, whose body was found on the railway line outside Tamworth in January 1988.