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Unravel True Crime is a podcast where, each season, some of Australia's best journalists investigate unsolved crimes. Season 1 is Blood On The Tracks.

48:28 | Sep 2nd, 2019

When Ollie Wards' brother Greg marries his American dream girl in New Zealand and they go into business together, it seems like a perfect start to a new life. But only a few months later, Greg is hear...Show More

drcongo recommended:

Discovered this podcast through Podyssey and while the first three series were good, series 4 is superb. Highly entertaining, funny and movi...Show More

06:23 | Nov 20th, 2019

How do you take down a criminal network that’s hidden in the shadows? How do you rescue child abuse victims who could be anywhere in the world? Hunting Warhead follows the journalists and police on a ...Show More
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23:35 | Sep 2nd, 2019

After the confrontation in the supermarket carpark, Ollie is left feeling confused — has he been charmed just like everyone else in this story? Will Lezlie fail to keep her promises to Ollie or leave ...Show More

41:48 | Sep 2nd, 2019

Ollie and Simon have criss-crossed California to find themselves parked in a supermarket car park staking out where Lezlie supposedly works. They may only have one shot to talk to her and finally get ...Show More

44:29 | Sep 2nd, 2019

Ollie and his brother Simon follow the trail of broken dreams and failed restaurants to Paso Robles, California. It's apparent Lezlie's exploits didn't stop when she left New Zealand. Ollie discovers ...Show More
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