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Fallacious Trump

Jim Cliff & Mark Levermore

Jim and Mark use the insane ramblings of a tiny-handed narcissist to explain logical fallacies. Each episode we focus on a single logical fallacy and, using examples from Trump, UK politics and pop culture, explore how and why it fools people, how t...Show More


1:19:39 | May 24th

In the fiftieth (yay!) episode we explore the Alleged Certainty Fallacy, starting with Trump claiming that everyone knows what crimes Obama committed. Then we hear 50 other things everyone knows accor...Show More

1:18:56 | May 11th

In the forty-ninth episode we explore the Historical Fallacy, starting with Tucker Carlson claiming that since we flattened the curve, the lockdowns weren't necessary.In Mark's British Politics Corner...Show More
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1:17:28 | Apr 28th

In the forty-eighth episode we explore the No True Scotsman Fallacy, starting with Trump calling Republicans who disagree with him RINOs. In Mark's British Politics Corner we look at Ken Clarke bei...Show More

1:13:12 | Apr 12th

In the forty-seventh episode we explore the Rhetorical Question Fallacy, starting with Trump accusing healthcare workers of theft, and then impugning the integrity of a judge. In Mark's British Pol...Show More

1:11:15 | Mar 29th

In the forty-sixth episode we explore the Hedging Fallacy, starting with Trump lying about always knowing it was a pandemic, and then lying about Google's coronavirus website. In Mark's British Pol...Show More
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