The Weekly List

Amy Siskind

The Weekly List is a podcast hosted by Amy Siskind, author of The List. It supplements the popular Weekly List on our website,, which tracks the ever changing new normals of American politics. The podcast gives greater context t...Show More

58:57 | Feb 24th

This week the country strayed further from  democracy, as Trump purged the Office of the Director of National  Intelligence. The firings started when Trump learned a senior official  at ODNI had brief...Show More

57:22 | Feb 16th

This week, unchecked by checks and balances,  Trump continued his retaliation tour, unabashedly showcasing his will to  control the Justice Department. After career prosecutors made  recommendations f...Show More
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1:01:09 | Feb 10th

This was one of the most frightening weeks, as  Trump seized on his impeachment acquittal to retaliate against his  perceived enemies. Within 48 hours, Trump’s Department of Homeland  Security suspend...Show More

1:05:41 | Feb 3rd

This week, despite explosive new allegations  implicating Trump in leaked portions of the manuscript for John Bolton’s  upcoming book, the Senate voted 51–49 on Friday not to call witnesses,  all but ...Show More

1:03:37 | Jan 27th

This week the Senate impeachment trial of Donald  J. Trump began, even as evidence continued to trickle out. House  Democrat impeachment managers made their case for the two articles over  three days,...Show More
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