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The Nonessential Podcast

Ben Matlock and Steve Gibson

Each week, Ben and Steve dole out a fresh heaping of totally random, often unbelievable, yet mostly true stories from around the world and throughout history. Each never knows what the other will bring, so join us as we expose the deepest reaches of....Show More

51:10 | Oct 8th

In 1922, the small farming community of Hinterkaifeck in Bavaria was shook by a gruesome murder. The details are as chilling as they are perplexing. Nearly 100 years later, there is little evidence left, leaving us only guessing at what might have ha...Show More

35:38 | Sep 17th

Japanese legends are full of all sorts of monsters, spirits, and fantastic creatures. Or maybe they're all just raccoons with large ... endowments? This week, Ben takes a look at a number of interesting creatures of lore.
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32:07 | Sep 10th

This week, we share GrayOwl's "The Raffle", which is basically Office Space meets Fight Club in the Monsters Inc universe. It's quite possibly our favorite creepypasta yet!

39:47 | Sep 3rd

Before the devil went down to Georgia, he made a stop at Ireland's infamous Loftus Hall, where he wooed the young Anne Tottenham. The lovers' tryst didn't end well; at least, not for Anne.  This week we explore the legend of the haunting of Loftus...Show More

39:15 | Aug 27th

When you build a subdivision atop an old cemetery, you can be sure of two things: One, your houses will be haunted, and two, you'll be neighbors with Craig T Nelson.  The residents of Houston's Newport subdivision apparently found this out the har...Show More
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