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Welcome to the Rocket Ranch

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Welcome to the Rocket Ranch, the official podcast of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Take a listen for a behind-the-scenes sneak peek into the inner workings of the world’s premiere spaceport.

0:00 | Aug 12th

In this episode,we unpack the need and value of test flights with Jon Cowart, as well as dig into the recent, successful, second test of Orion’s Launch Abort System with Carlos Garcia.

0:00 | Jul 8th

NASA looks back at the Apollo era and ahead at the Artemis missions to come.
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0:00 | Jun 20th

We're looking back at the Space Station Processing Facility, or SSPF, as it turns 25 years old.

0:00 | May 16th

NASA’s latest exploration goals center on returning humans to the Moon – not just for a visit, but to stay. At the center of that plan is Gateway. It’s a small lunar outpost that will have living quarters, laboratories for science and research, docki...Show More

0:00 | Apr 5th

NASA has a reputation for creating history changing technology, and much of that technology is available to you right now. One of our secrets to success is that we aren’t developing all of this by ourselves. We’re leveraging industry and students to ...Show More

0:00 | Mar 8th

On this episode of Rocket Ranch we catch up with several members of Commercial Crew to talk about the past, present and future of the program.

0:00 | Dec 21st, 2018

As we plan to send humans farther into our solar system than ever before, we must overcome a myriad of challenges. And at the top of the heap… is trash. Just like here on Earth, humans in space create trash—but we don’t have interstellar landfills. W...Show More

0:00 | Nov 20th, 2018

In this episode, we sit down with the Space Shuttle commander who officially began construction of the ISS in space. Former astronaut Bob Cabana recounts his experiences in being the first American on station and turning on the lights.

0:00 | Oct 25th, 2018

When people think of the Kennedy Space Center, rockets are what likely come to mind. But we have more than rocket scientists here on the Space Coast. In this episode, we meet a few Ranch hands with odd jobs you may not expect to find around these par...Show More

0:00 | Sep 25th, 2018

In this episode, hear from two powerhouses in NASA’s Launch Services Program: Mic Woltman, chief of Fleet Systems and Integration, and Launch Director Tim Dunn.

0:00 | Aug 28th, 2018

As we prepare to launch humans into space on new American-made rockets and spacecraft, it's more important than ever that we revisit what led to two of the most tragic days in NASA's human space flight history.

0:00 | Jul 25th, 2018

Even though our Sun shines bright in the sky, it is shrouded in mystery. In this episode, we'll sit down with scientists working to get us closer to the Sun than ever before.