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Creature Feature


We take a critter’s eye view to explore how animal behavior parallels humans. Join comedians and science-lovers as we get inside the minds of animals


1:28:03 | May 27th

Today I'm joined by particle physicist Daniel Whiteson to talk about RADIATION! What does it do to humans? How have animals adapted to radioactive contamination? Also: killer bananas!?! Footnotes:  ...Show More

1:23:34 | May 20th

Today we’re talking about introverts! Fish who want to stay inside all day and play Fintendo, an animal who doesn’t want to see anybody right now, in fact, it’s completely ditched its eyeballs, and sp...Show More
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1:13:32 | May 13th

Today on the show: INVASION OF THE MURDER HORNETS! I’ll also be talking with Alex Schmidt about two of the world’s other most notorious invasive species, a big toad with a bad attitude, and an adorabl...Show More

1:40:13 | May 6th

Today we're admiring some particularly devilish animals, like the Dracula parrot, a very gothic gastropod, a satanic gecko, bleeding plants, exploding trees, and a beetle with a biblical reputation. D...Show More

1:21:40 | Apr 29th

Today we’re gonna CREATURECISE! We’re gonna see some of the most impressive animal athletic feats! Woodcocks love to boogie! Dung beetles are gymnasts! Bats do crunches every time they pee! Discover t...Show More
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