The NüVoices podcast is hosted by Alice Xin Liu and Joanna Chiu, who will explore the work of women in media and the arts in Greater China, the impact of sexual harassment, abuses of power, international and domestic politics, and their own personal ...Show More

1:00:10 | Nov 28th, 2018

In this episode of the NüVoices Podcast, Alice Xin Liu and Joanna Chiu are live from New York! Following a heady and successful launch of NüVoices' first North American chapter, they reunite at the Su...Show More

bychrischeung recommended:

Cool to hear this New Yorker writer I like.

1:03:56 | Jul 18th, 2018

Alice Xin Liu and Joanna Chiu interview two Chinese women who work as news assistants for foreign media in China. News assistants are sometimes dubbed "researchers," though they really are journalists...Show More

mm recommended:

This is soooo good. They interview two Chinese women news assistants in China and discuss how they are considered “second class” compared to...Show More

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42:19 | Mar 11th, 2019

In the 12th episode of the NüVoices podcast, Alice Xin Liu and Sophie Lu interview Shuilam Wong, who goes by Shui, a comic artist who partnered with Jinna Kaneko to create the Hole in the Wall Collect...Show More

mm recommended:

Another great episode! Enjoyed learning about the alternative culture and media in China. Totally forgot about Lao Fu Zi / Master Q comics! ...Show More

51:40 | Jan 10th

Jessie Lau is a writer, editor, and researcher from Hong Kong who explores identity, human rights, and politics. Her writing has been published by The Economist, Foreign Policy, The Diplomat, and Quar...Show More
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