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AI is everywhere right now: in our news feeds, our devices, our homes. The hype is spreading quickly to permeate every industry, and the executives of the world want to know, “Beyond the hype, what can this tech actually do for my business?” Eleme...Show More

20:46 | Jul 24th, 2018

Many have dystopian projections of what our future with AI will look like, but professionals working in AI see things differently. For some, our future with AI may simply mean more free time and cheaper access to quality services.   We check in with ...Show More

34:15 | Sep 19th

We don’t have enough control over our data—how it is collected, by whom, what it’s used for. We’re used to hitting “accept” to whatever agreement we need to use the online platforms, mobile apps and other digital services that run our daily lives. Ye...Show More
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31:29 | Sep 5th

“Explainability” is a big buzzword in AI right now. AI decision-making is beginning to change the world, and explainability is about the ability of an AI model to explain the reasons behind its decisions. The challenge for AI is that unlike previous ...Show More

19:43 | Jul 24th, 2018

Every touchpoint with a prospect is an opportunity to nurture that relationship, but also a potential entry point for hackers. Given that cybercriminals are more resourceful than ever, cybersecurity experts need to be just as sharp. Oren Falkowitz is...Show More

23:02 | Jul 24th, 2018

Successful adopters of AI develop an AI-first strategy supporting all functional areas of the business: marketing, product development, customer support, sales, and beyond. What does this look like in practice? Naomi Goldapple of Element AI, who cons...Show More
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