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semi-prose is the books podcast that’s half as serious and twice as smart as your other favorite books podcast. Join Evan, Allie, Kristina, and Max: four semi-professional readers as they explore new Canadian books through their personal histori...Show More


52:24 | Feb 25th

In the final episode of semi-prose, Kai Cheng Thom joins us to assure us we can survive hard conversations (2:50); the performance of virtue in Chinese Christian, SJW, and queer communities (6:00); on...Show More

38:32 | Feb 18th

Indigenous food for the future (6:10); Saskatoon berries, rose hips, stinging nettles (18:55); on the generosity of Indigenous communities (27:45); check out a round dance, check out a pow wow (31:00)...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

47:20 | Feb 11th

A special live episode from this year's Toronto International Festival of Authors, featuring: Storytelling as survival (12:49); the qualities of Hot Jesus (17:55); what happens when colonization come...Show More

43:31 | Feb 4th

when seeming good gets in the way of actually being good (4:15); that time Jia was in 'Cats' (19:30); magazines that tell girls that their entire purpose is improving themselves (20:30); the 'side hus...Show More

41:15 | Jan 28th

When life gives us dress rehearsals for, you know, death (2:20); it's the impermanence that gives us joy (9:45); California for the possibility, Japan for the reality (11:30); some writing advice from...Show More
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