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Project Nova

Evil Kitten Productions


Project Nova is an original science fiction audio drama podcast created by Aaron Sarka and produced by Evil Kitten Productions. This fully produced audio drama follows the four subjects of a secret scientific experiment as they awaken to find themse...Show More


19:22 | Sep 25th, 2019

In the astounding finale to season 2, Armstrong readies herself to return to the real world, but her doubts about Dr. Chol continue to gnaw at her. Bat, Ves, and Eb have their own questionable moments...Show More

16:34 | Sep 18th, 2019

Following a shocking development, the Subjects must now re-think everything they know about the Project and themselves. But Armstrong has some reservations.  Project Nova Episode XV: FALSA SPE Project...Show More
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15:44 | Sep 11th, 2019

Chaos ensues when the "Mother F**cking Variables" encounter a new mystery that has the Computer implicating one of the subjects in a crime. A delicious, delicious, crime.  Project Nova  Episode XIV: S...Show More

19:28 | Sep 4th, 2019

Life is a bit easier inside Nova Station now that the Computer's artificial intelligence isn't trying to murder the subjects. But newly recovered recordings provide the subjects with a little insight ...Show More

19:56 | Aug 28th, 2019

After the challenges of the past few weeks, Eberhardt thinks the subjects need a vacation. What could go wrong, right? Project Nova Episode XII: Mors Insula Project Nova is an original Audio Drama cre...Show More
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