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geoff tate is a comedian. troy tate is his brother. together, they're gonna get caught up to the rest of society. altered tates is the daily show + wayne's world.

1:19:08 | Jul 30th

the fig newton boys have a blast with RACHEL ELIZABETH. one of us does his first dab! names get inducted. check out the shelters here www.thesheltersmusic.com

42:33 | Jul 29th

it's been a year and the bros want to say THANK YOU to all who've listened with this extra bonus anniversary episode featuring a lot of jackie chan and a hyperthetical from the fascinating mind of chuck klosterman. www.chuckklostermanauthor.com

1:33:34 | Jul 23rd

the brothers induct another member to the RBCNHoF and introduce a new segment on one star reviews. the last 20 minutes is part one of a podcast Geoff made with DOUG STANHOPE, OLIVIA GRACE, VALENTINA and CHAILLE. enjoy

51:41 | Jul 16th

one lone bro in Bisbee makes this week's podcast. featuring OLIVIA GRACE and a couple questions.

58:23 | Jul 9th

the isliest of brothers induct another member of the RAN BARNACLO COOL NAME HALL OF FAME (RBCNHoF) and spend more time talking about 311 than either have before. good vibes all

55:39 | Jul 2nd

it was 22 years ago today when we all realized will smith's summer box office earning potential was virtually limitless and in true brothers tate fashion, the subject does not come up. our friends, LEE KIMBRELL and ANDREW RUDICK stop by as we get HYP...Show More

2:14:53 | Jun 26th

the brothers tate are righter than the righteous brothers and higher than the wrights. even realer than the real deal holyfield. tune your ears to 420 on the podcast dial and be altered. this podcast fucking rips.

29:22 | Jun 25th

it's the thirteenth episode! so should the letter b be! another cool name club ends up about airports and faust comes over to answer a question about space. be safe out there, campers.

1:18:03 | Jun 18th

after, well, frankly, too much chili colorado at the el rio grande, these right bros sit down with anna mazza and talk about the recent madison dlm with (get this) marc maron. some questions were asked and answered. things got learnt, whether we like...Show More

51:10 | Jun 17th

the doobiest of brothers spend an hour or so catching up. GIL HILL is the newest member of the Ran Barnaclo Cool Name Hall of Fame, heretofore known as RBCNHoF. listen!

46:35 | Jun 11th

on today's episode, the doobiest brothers of all induct another into the cool name club while the mind of chuck klosterman scratches our brains. please enjoy. rate and review! send us your hypertheticals to alteredtates@gmail.com

1:26:46 | Jun 4th

after playing a little trivia, troy and geoff talk to one of the best there is, STEWART HUFF. we do a little learning and a little philosophizing and there's even some carrying on. please, trust me. stewart is the best. look him up.

50:58 | May 28th

episode 9 - the (john) hays code by altered tates

1:18:40 | May 21st

troy and geoff spend most of this one bouncing round the room. they talk to LEE KIMBRELL who, at 28, is the world's youngest baseball fan. PASTOR BLAKE stops by with one of his mentees and they straight up read from the bible, y'all. the bros get a l...Show More

1:10:40 | May 14th

episode 7 - the force asevens by altered tates

1:20:44 | Feb 1st

geoff and troy talk horse sense with lee kimbrell and discuss how ran barnaclo has a super cool name. @alteredtates on all the socials @geofftate96 on twitter @geofftate on insta @docguac for troy on twitter burnoutmugs.com PROMO CODE TATE

1:16:41 | Jan 21st

geoff and troy finally find a place to record. producer andy spins the dials and wears the cans. molly hartzell stops by and josh o'neill brings his game, deduce bigalow, to the show. we're figuring this out in 2019. RECORDED LIVE AT THE PUZZLE BUDD...Show More

1:35:26 | Oct 29th, 2018

geoff and troy celebrate the halloween season the only way they know how, in a church basement. our election expert stops by to help us with these midterms and two former young life leaders help us put the christ back in halloween. we increase our te...Show More

34:47 | Oct 12th, 2018

geoff and troy discuss several of their favorite songs that feature tom petty in some way. geoff talks forever about reno. god, marry it already.

1:52:59 | Oct 4th, 2018

geoff and troy record an episode in the famous vinyl basement of Shake It Records on the one year anniversary of the passing of tom petty, everyone's favorite. lots of great guests on this one. check out all the bands we mention. wussy frontier folk...Show More

1:27:38 | Oct 1st, 2018

geoff and troy are into the nba. WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT ALSO WANNA BE AN NBA FAN, YOU SHOULDN'T LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE. YOU WILL BE A HUGE NBA FAN FOR SURE ONCE YOU HERE WHAT THE BROS HAVE TO SAY. the guests are hilarious. blake hammond keeps us up ...Show More

44:11 | Sep 20th, 2018

geoff records only the third solo podcast in history but this one has a twist! it's also the first solo podcast ever recorded with two people. history is made today as geoff and troy talk about whatever. enjoy the show and the bros will see you at Bo...Show More

14:36 | Sep 6th, 2018

geoff records only the second ever solo podcast, this time talk for only a few short minutes about the movie men at work. please rate and review and tell your friends. see you September 28!

32:46 | Aug 30th, 2018

geoff records the very first solo podcast in history. this milestone was achieved by giving a quick rundown of what he and troy will be doing this weekend. counting crows on saturday, y'all better know this.

1:47:05 | Aug 27th, 2018

geoff and troy make the second episode of altered tates. after a half hour of solid gold banter, the altered tates welcome an old real life friend, michael peake, onto the show to tell us what we are missing out on since we don't have wives or kids. ...Show More

1:23:54 | Jul 30th, 2018

geoff and troy host the first episode of altered tates, featuring appearances by grant stiles and clinton jacob. and introducing THE MORMON FROM NEW ORLEANS, joseph tolpi.