The Van

Whale Bus

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Kids gifted with strange powers have grown up under the thumb of the vicious and intelligent driver of the van Novia-Scotia. Seventeen year old Cola’s life in the van is shaken up when her older “sister” Rosaline has disappeared and she realizes Nova...Show More


26:34 | May 14th, 2019

Cw: Please be warned- this episode is a bit more emotionally intense than our previous episodes, just in tone. Content warnings are listed below. 2:45- Eating disordered behaviors 2:58- Mention of ch...Show More

26:22 | Apr 24th, 2019

Cw: Eating disordered behaviors 17:30-18:30 panic attack Everyone arrives in San Francisco and a new player is introduced. Starring: Leslie Gideon, Jeff Ebner, Julia Rose Herman, Elliot Frances Flyn...Show More
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29:24 | Mar 12th, 2019

Episode Notes cw: Discussion of child abuse 4:40-5:00 Discussion of eating disordered behaviors 18:15- 18:50 The crew at the cabin set out on the road again and Junebug tries to figure out who's on ...Show More

24:54 | Feb 16th, 2019

Episode Notes CW: Child Abuse 00:25-1:00 The kids struggle to figure out what to do next, while Nova, Junebug, and Solomon are hot on their tail. And a new lovely voice makes an appearance. Starrin...Show More

03:49 | Jan 26th, 2019

Episode Notes Rosaline broadcasts her radio station in order to reach the kids in the van. Written, performed, and edited by Emma Mantoani
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