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Social Science

Make It Modern

Kelsey Pfeifer

We take things that don't need to be modern, and make them so with a mix of comedy and a little bit of millennial cynicism.

1:02:46 | Aug 22nd

To All the Boys Mackenzie Has Loved Before. This episode is about Leo's. GOOOO LIONS!

1:14:46 | Aug 15th

Ashley schools Kelsey in a very sensitive topic that relates to Ashley's Vietnamese history.
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39:58 | Aug 9th

Despite some audio issues, Kelsey and Ashley have one of their more honest conversations about how Hairspray the Musical has aged well... and also the vulnerable topic of body positivity.

52:30 | Aug 1st

Ashley and Kelsey discuss American Royalty and how getting ready for 'Season' is basically identical to getting ready for The Hunger Games

1:00:55 | Jul 26th

Ashley and Kelsey discuss one of their favorite signs before they welcome Andrea from Mutually Beneficial to the podcast!
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