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Make It Modern

Kelsey Pfeifer


We take things that don't need to be modern, and make them so with a mix of comedy and a little bit of millennial cynicism.


56:32 | Apr 2nd

In Kelsey's surprise episode, it should be no surprise that she chose a true crime case! The girls discuss the bananas case of DB Cooper, and how everything possibly ended up.

44:34 | Mar 26th

In Ashley's first ever surprise episode, she chose the history of Barbies! It's been a minute since the girls talked about body positivity, so what better episode than this!
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

44:28 | Mar 20th

The girls discuss the history of Whiskey and Bourbon for their St. Patty's episode! Ashley's just happy she didn't have to watch another 3 hour mini-series about leprechauns.

50:49 | Mar 12th

Kelsey geeks out about hr favorite show atm and Ashley reminds Kelsey about the MANY times in the past few years that she's told Kelsey to watch Peaky Blinders. They also talk about the beauties— Cill...Show More

49:04 | Feb 28th

Ashley puts her nerd hat on to go IN on the Inca empire, which has a fascinating history. Then Kelsey somewhat ruins it with her child analysis. It's a classic type of episode for our gals!
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