Wild Thing

Bonus Interview #1: Clara Sousa-Silva

41:00 | Dec 10th, 2020

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In September 2020, just days before this podcast launched, scientists announced that they might have found evidence for life on Venus... or at least in Venus's atmosphere. We talk to one of the scient...Show More


benakimbo recommended:Jan 13th

I thought this episode was:

🤔 Thought-provoking

graciew1125 recommended:Jan 4th

I love it!! And astro quantum chemistry is the new thing

I thought this episode was:

🌅 A beautiful story
😲 Fascinating

mmJan 4th

@graciew1125 😯 been obsessed with quantum and astro anything lately so stoked to listen to this!!!

jennx recommended:Jan 4th

On the possibilities of life on Venus

I thought this episode was:

😲 Fascinating

crispy recommended:Dec 15th, 2020

One of the best.

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