Sassy Tarot with Veronica Osorio

Welcome to a surreal audio journey through the world of the Tarot hosted by self-professed "fan-girl of the moon cycles," Veronica Osorio. Let Veronica be your guide as she performs interactive readings, educates you in the arcane mysteries of the Ta...Show More


1:20:30 | Jun 11th, 2019

SASSY TAROT continues its hiatus this week, but Veronica Osorio returns to an old favorite with Oscar Montoya (This Is What Democracy Pods Like) to figure out what is happening now, to discuss what it...Show More

1:50:14 | Jun 4th, 2019

SASSY TAROT begins a hiatus this week, but Veronica has a favorite episode for you to listen to! She and comedian and self-professed tarot nerd Ruby McCollister (Ruby’s World, So Fashionating) explore...Show More
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59:23 | May 7th, 2019

Veronica Osorio brings us to the next stop of the Fool's Journey: The Devil (what's that? the devil? who said that? the devil? yes, the devil!). SASSY TAROT delivers another week's worth of meditation...Show More

52:20 | Apr 30th, 2019

Veronica Osorio brings us to the next stop of the Fool's Journey: Temperance. After a full review of the arcana past, SASSY TAROT is back with meditations on using the hardships of life to one's advan...Show More

39:07 | Apr 23rd, 2019

Veronica Osorio tells all on Death's position in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, with meditations on individuality, mortality (surprise!), and the differences between different tarot readers' interpret...Show More
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