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Weekly podcast for the young fairytale-teller, folklorist, or mythologist in your life.

13:05 | May 2nd

Hello intrepid listeners! How I have missed you! This episode brings a few new updates as well as an introduction to the Slavs of Eastern Europe. We're going to hear all sorts of tales from the enigmatic East next! I can't wait to go traveling with y...Show More

21:01 | Aug 26th

Vacation is over, work has started, and that means I'm in search of a bit of something to keep me going in my spare time. I have missed you all, and my trip to Disney recently inspired me to cover Beauty and the Beast for Get Grimm and Get Told this ...Show More
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12:23 | Jul 15th

After a brief hiatus for a few summer trips, we're back with Get Told Vol. VI which will wrap up our foray into Russian fairytales for a while. Included in this week's episode are the tales "The Princess Who Never Laughed", "The White Duck", and "Fat...Show More

13:46 | Jun 13th

This week we're taking a look a few little-known but important men in the world of Russian Literature. Alexander Afanasyev and Vladimir Kropp made major contribution to the study of literature as a whole, but they've also added tremendously to what w...Show More

1:08:14 | May 23rd

Good things come to those who wait, folks, and this episode is probably my most favorite of them all. It's noteworthy for a number of reasons. First, it marks 8 months of Get Grimm being out in the world for your listening pleasure. This is also the ...Show More
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