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Weekly podcast for the young fairytale-teller, folklorist, or mythologist in your life.
Episode 19: An Intro to Eastern Europe

13:05 | May 2nd

Hello intrepid listeners! How I have missed you! This episode brings a few new updates as well as an introduction to the Slavs of Eastern Europe. We're going to hear all sorts of tales from the enigmatic East next! I can't wait to go traveling with y...Show More
Get Told Vol. VI: Afanasyev's Tales Retold

12:23 | Jul 15th

After a brief hiatus for a few summer trips, we're back with Get Told Vol. VI which will wrap up our foray into Russian fairytales for a while. Included in this week's episode are the tales "The Princess Who Never Laughed", "The White Duck", and "Fat...Show More
Episode 21: The Russian Folklorists

13:46 | Jun 13th

This week we're taking a look a few little-known but important men in the world of Russian Literature. Alexander Afanasyev and Vladimir Kropp made major contribution to the study of literature as a whole, but they've also added tremendously to what w...Show More
Episode 20: The Longest of All the Episodes

1:08:14 | May 23rd

Good things come to those who wait, folks, and this episode is probably my most favorite of them all. It's noteworthy for a number of reasons. First, it marks 8 months of Get Grimm being out in the world for your listening pleasure. This is also the ...Show More
Get Told Vol. V: Ivan Tsarevitch and the Firebird

16:35 | May 10th

Welcome to Get Told Vol. V, Ivan Tsarevitch and the Firebird. We haven't had a good old fashioned Kayla retelling in a hot second, so I bring this to you along with a few announcements! Please check out the Patreon page, leave a review or just say hi...Show More
Intermission: Another Update Bonus

08:19 | Apr 11th

Fear not, intrepid listeners! I have returned, but this time with some basic housekeeping and updates on the show. I want to let you know about all the amazing things coming up, from calls to submissions to the release of the preorder for The Story C...Show More
Get Told Vol. IV: Irish Poems and Fairy Stories

26:51 | Mar 14th

This week, I've chosen a handful of poems and stories from the book Irish Fairy and Folk Tales as collected by WB Yeats to share with my dear listeners this week!
Episode 18: The End of This Story and the Beginning of All the Others

14:56 | Mar 6th

I decided to end our trek through the Celts with a look at the most popular aspect of Celtic stories, the fairies: who they are and where they came from. This week, we begin a new format of delivery, so please tell me what you think (good or bad!) so...Show More
Get Told Vol III: Romantic Irish Stories

21:12 | Feb 20th

Hello everyone! Today I picked two of my favorite romantic Irish tales to share with you! The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne and Fair, Brown and Trembling.  Don't forget: to preorder the short story collection coming out in May, head over to Patreon...Show More
Episode 17: Irish Mythological Cycles

11:43 | Feb 12th

Welcome to Episode 17! It feels good to be back on a regular release schedule again! This week, we're looking at the different mythological cycles, or groupings of stories, from Irish Mythology. And this week, I've also announced the release of the f...Show More
Get Told Vol II: Irish Stories

23:15 | Feb 5th

Welcome to Volume 2. You get an Irish Legend and an Irish folk tale this week!
Episode 16: The Ever-Living Ones

12:32 | Jan 16th

Episode 16 starts our first multi-episode arc about Celtic mythology. The Celts are a fascinating bunch for the deep-reaching influence into myths and fairy tales as well the large amount of mystery surrounding them because a lot of their stories wer...Show More
Get Told Vol. I: Wolf Stories

15:33 | Jan 7th

Thanks for joining me for the first ever episode of Get Told. Volume I consists entirely of stories in their original form as closely as possible. Each story in this episode was either discussed or mentioned in Episode 15. Thanks everyone for joining...Show More
Episode 15: In Which the Wolf Teaches Lessons

13:04 | Dec 31st, 2018

This week starts the new format of the show! We are now releasing regular episodes on a fortnightly basis. It's all the same great stories. In this episode we look at how the wolf is used in a handful of fairy tales and folk tales from the Grimm Brot...Show More
Episode 14: The Christmas Special, Part 2

23:25 | Dec 24th, 2018

In 1843, a man set out with the goal of showing the world how class disparity affects us all in a negative way. In 2018, a woman sets out to show the world that this tale has become folklore, myth, and legend all on its own with the help of some of h...Show More
Episode 13: The Christmas Special, Part 1

24:52 | Dec 23rd, 2018

In 1843, a man set out with the goal of showing the world how class disparity affects us all in a negative way. In 2018, a woman sets out to show the world that this tale has become folklore, myth, and legend all on its own with the help of some of h...Show More
Episode 12: The Saint of the Season

11:44 | Dec 13th, 2018

This week we're covering one of my absolute favorite people from my favorite time of year. Santa Claus has such a rich, deep history and we barely scratch the surface in this episode on all the cool stuff there is to learn about him. Starting as a re...Show More
Bonus Episode: The Grimm State of Things

09:47 | Dec 13th, 2018

Hello everyone! This is part bonus episode and part update about my life, so don't let the title of the episode concern/fool you! Everything is still going swimmingly and I have plenty of content coming. This is just to serve as a few major announcem...Show More
Episode 11: Happy Hanukkah!

14:26 | Dec 5th, 2018

Kayla and her wonderful stories are back! But this week, we have a slight change of direction as we talk a little bit more about real historical events. In this week's episode, after a brief holiday hiatus, we learn about the history and story of the...Show More
Episode 10: The Rabbit Hole in the Mailbag

23:09 | Nov 13th, 2018

To mark episode 10, Kayla brings you a variety of listener questions about everything to do with the show, including the bits that we otherwise don't get to cover in our regular episodes. Featured Podcast: Queens Podcast (download it here) Find me on...Show More
Episode 9: The Ambiguous Witch

16:44 | Nov 7th, 2018

Hey! Next week is the mailbag episode! Send me your questions and comments to my podcast email: getgrimmpodcast@gmail.com Baba Yaga is a well known character from Eastern European folklore. She is a witch of negotiable affections. Basically, dependin...Show More
Episode 8: Taking Candy From Strangers and Other Life Lessons

16:42 | Oct 30th, 2018

This week we're taking a look at the perils of taking candy from strangers as we learn a little about the origins of Hansel and Gretel. We start in Italy with a version of the tale told by Giambatista Basille entitled Nennillo et Nennilla, and then a...Show More
Episode 7: And They Can Still Be Heard to This Day...

17:12 | Oct 23rd, 2018

Welcome to Episode 7! In this week's episode, we're taking a break from fairy tales to explore another aspect of the human story telling experience: urban legends. Considered a modern aspect of folklore, urban legends captivate everyone around the wo...Show More
Episode 6: The Questionable Morals of Marrying for Money

16:50 | Oct 15th, 2018

Welcome to Episode 6! For the second episode of the Halloween season, you get two special treats: a guest narrator and the gruesome tale of Bluebeard. Learn what happens when you make a hasty marriage contract to a guy with questionable facial hair. ...Show More
Episode 5: This is Hallowe'en

20:04 | Oct 9th, 2018

In episode 5, Kayla kicks off the Halloween season with some facts about the history of the Halloween season along with one a retelling of one of her favorite spooky Grimm Brother's tales, The Robber Bridegroom.
Episode 4: Queens of the Sleeping Curse Part 2

15:01 | Oct 2nd, 2018

After a brief hiatus, I'm excited to bring you Part 2 of Queens of the Sleeping Curse. In this one, we meet Briar Rose and visit the Glass Coffin. I'm also excited to introduce a new sponsor to the show, Audible. I'm also taking suggestions for episo...Show More
Episode 3: Queens of the Sleeping Curse, Part 1

30:05 | Sep 16th, 2018

Kayla tells the tales of Snow White and Bella Venezia, two stories with very similar themes: the leading lady is the victim of the witch's sleeping curse. In addition to hearing Kayla's take, you also get some special background and commentary on the...Show More
Episode 2: You Can't Keep a Good Girl Down

29:48 | Sep 7th, 2018

The many tales of Cinderella! We go to Greece/Egypt, Italy, Germany, and China to explore the familiar tales of Cinderella.
Episode 1: Welcome to Get Grimm and Meet Kayla

11:40 | Sep 3rd, 2018

Welcome to Episode 1! In this episode, learn a little about your host, Kayla, and her background in the world of education and storytelling. We're also going to talk about upcoming episodes, and why people love telling the stories we do and why they ...Show More