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Nopal Kweenz

We are 3 Latinx Therapists, La Luna, La Rosa, and La Sirena, taking on mental health issues in the Latinx community one episode at a time.


57:15 | Nov 5th, 2019

In this capítulo, we honor life and talk about the ways that we celebrate our loved ones who have passed away, from our perspectives in Salvadorian and Mexican culture. We share some personal stories ...Show More

36:46 | Sep 30th, 2019

Hola Gente, We are officially back! We are bringing you our 11th episode and we are so excited to share it with all of you! If you are curious as to why we have been MIA, then you don't want to miss o...Show More
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49:00 | Jul 4th, 2019

Can you believe it! We made it to episode 10! Nopal Kweenz would like to thank all of our listeners for the love and support that you have shown us this far. To show you all a token of our gratitude w...Show More

43:07 | May 30th, 2019

What are ACE’s? Adverse Childhood Experiences are events or circumstances that are present in the first 18 years of life such as abuse, neglect, and household challenges. ACE’s can have a significant ...Show More

41:03 | Apr 25th, 2019

Episode 8 is here! We can’t believe we have made it this far! Grab a snack, some headphones or put on your seatbelt and take a ride with us. In this episode, we get into the pressures of living in a c...Show More
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