The Pledge Podcast

Allison Daskal Hausman

The Pledge Podcast explores political activism through short audio portraits. We call it The Pledge because it celebrates activism as a commitment to the hard work of democracy. Making this pledge means taking risks, speaking out, working hard and fi...Show More
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I’m angry. I’m not scared.

14:46 | Apr 28th

Mary Wilson spent most of her life keeping her thoughts under wraps, only taking them out on the piano keys. After her husband was unjustly laid off she realized it was time to speak her mind. A self-defined "feisty old broad", Mary is not afraid to ...Show More
Rally Up!

17:28 | Apr 14th

Nancy Deabler, a traditional White, Southern woman, breaks every stereotype. She demonstrates what it means to link her liberal politics to her Christian values, and to have these values inform every part of her life. Nancy reminds us that we have to...Show More
How do you break that mentality?

16:16 | Mar 31st

Listen to The Pledge as Ashley tells her story of the ongoing struggle for equal rights and justice in the footsteps of the 1965 Selma-to-Montgomery march for voting rights.
Are you scared of the cafeteria lady?

16:20 | Mar 18th

Episode Three of The Pledge tells the story of Oni. A resident of one of Birmingham’s poorest neighborhoods, Oni regularly visits barbershops and strip clubs to speak with members of the community where they congregate, to inform then of their rights...Show More
Not just my little world, the whole world.

15:02 | Mar 4th

Episode Two introduces us to Stacie Propst, the Director of Emerge Alabama, who is training and supporting a generation of first-time woman candidates in Alabama. Growing up Stacie fit in well with her anti-feminist republican peers, but she sensed s...Show More
They actually called me back!

18:53 | Feb 17th

Episode One of The Pledge tells the story of Elizabeth, who found her political voice in the Alabama special election for Senate and just keeps fighting for change. Listen as we explore what motivates this inspiring and tireless activist, and follow ...Show More
Introducing The Pledge

03:00 | Jan 30th

In this pilot episode we introduce The Pledge Podcast and meet host Allison Daskal Hausman. We are also introduced to some of the inspiring Alabama activists who will be featured in Season One.