The Pledge Podcast

Allison Daskal Hausman

The Pledge Podcast explores political activism through short audio portraits. We call it The Pledge because it celebrates activism as a commitment to the hard work of democracy. Making this pledge means taking risks, speaking out, working hard and fi...Show More

19:34 | Jan 17th

In this final episode of Season 2, we meet a dedicated group of chef-activists who have created a new recipe for change in Virginia, without ever leaving their home in state of Vermont. Their solution...Show More

23:05 | Jan 5th

Three women—Kathryn Laughon, Althea Laughon-Worrell, and Miss Katrina Turner—had their worlds shifted by the events surrounding the hate rallies in Charlottesville, VA in August 2017. Hear their stori...Show More
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23:21 | Dec 19th, 2019

Learn about Valerie Slater’s tireless efforts to transform juvenile justice in Virginia with her organization, RISE for Youth, and meet Douglas Johnson, a teenager she has helped. Valerie’s remarkable...Show More

17:44 | Dec 5th, 2019

Janine worked with faculty and other students to expose the strings attached to private donations to George Mason University. Janine grew into a leadership role following a chance encounter with group...Show More

18:14 | Nov 21st, 2019

In this first of two episodes highlighting activists working to expose the influence of big-money donors to American universities, we learn why Bethany has devoted herself to fighting for the rights o...Show More
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