The Numbers Station

Tony Beaulieu

The Numbers Station is a weekly scripted podcast of mystery, wonder, and terror. Now broadcasting season one: The Sound. New episodes every Wednesday.
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06:57 | Nov 28th, 2018

A Special message from the team behind the first season of The Numbers Station. If you enjoyed the first six episodes, don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes, so we can make more!

22:55 | Oct 31st, 2018

Haley takes the helm in an insane and desperate last bid to save the Puget Sound from the nightmarish virus that has ravaged its passengers. Radiation from the star reveals invisible guests aboard the...Show More
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20:16 | Oct 24th, 2018

As Haley and Taylor recover from their battle with Green Tom, and mourn the loss of a close friend, they begin finally unraveling the mystery behind the virus and the murder of Harold Conrad-- but it ...Show More

25:52 | Oct 17th, 2018

With the murderous psychopath Green Tom run amok on the Puget Sound-- hell-bent on releasing the carnivorous creatures locked away in Sector Six-- Admiral Taylor Watson and Head Lab-Tech Haley Nichols...Show More

25:02 | Oct 10th, 2018

A ship in space, a master race, a killer wearing your best friend's face. Buckle up, it's the mid-season finale of The Numbers Station!
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