Future Perfect

Donors from beyond the grave

33:05 | Jun 19th, 2019

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Billions of dollars are donated every year from the fortunes of people who’ve died but are using their wills to influence our world from beyond the grave. Some of these zombie donors left instructions...Show More


epekilis recommended:Mar 20th

This was a really interesting episode, but I do want to point out that they have framed the problem in a very particular way to influence the reader’s perspective. They have selected examples where the testator’s will has become out of step with current social trends in a negative way. What if it ...Show More

epekilisMar 21st

Of course I meant “listener” not “reader”.

kalecream recommended:Jan 20th

Opened my eyes to an unexpected problem.

mm recommended:Jan 15th

Should philanthropists be able to have their philanthropic wishes executes forever? If a philanthropist’s wishes are bigoted like “Parks for white people only”, do executors continue to fulfill those wishes? What if society changes and the philanthropist’s wishes are outdated or irrelevant? Great ep...Show More

rmmiller364 recommended:Jan 14th

I learned so much from this podcast. It takes something that on the surface seems like a good thing (people leaving money in their wills to charity) and made it to much more complicated.

mmJan 14th

@rmmiller364 Seriously loving everything you’re recommending 💛 Everything is up my alley!

rmmiller364Jan 14th

@mm that entire season of Future Perfect focused on the dark side of philanthropy and I can’t recommend it enough

mmJan 14th

@rmmiller364 Part way through this episode and I'm already in 😍

alicekoJan 15th

@mm @rmmiller364 this episode is SOOO good!!!


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