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Inside Canada's Crypto Mystery

23:51 | Mar 12th, 2019

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Reporter Alex Posadzki on how the death of a Canadian cryptocurrency entrepreneur has caused the disappearance of about $180-million in digital currency.


mm recommended:Mar 15th, 2019

This is a good summary on the Quadriga case with more info about the Quadriga cofounder Omar/Michael. Less conspiracy theory, more reporting in this one.

mmMar 15th, 2019

@cammyjee Dctrl is mentioned in this episode!

danny recommended:Mar 15th, 2019

Really interesting story about Quadriga, btw, I met Omar once! he is as described..

mmMar 15th, 2019

Did you know him as Omar or Michael?!?!?

dannyMar 19th, 2019

@mm oh, I didn't know Omar, I met him once at a meetup and he didn't come across as the nicest guy.

matresstester recommended:Mar 13th, 2019

more Pod binging on Quadriga, with clips of Gerry himself

mmMar 19th, 2019

@matresstester 😮

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