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Sidewalk Labs offers a futuristic vision for Toronto, but at what cost?

24:11 | Jun 25th, 2019

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After 18 months of consultation, Google sister company Sidewalk Labs has released its master draft proposal to develop a portion of Toronto’s waterfront. The proposal includes everything from an affor...Show More


mm recommended:Jul 1st, 2019

Good overview on what's happening with Sidewalk Labs in Toronto. Appreciated David Skok's reflection on the larger geopolitical views on data privacy. Will Torontonians want to trade-off privacy and access for a techno-utopia?

cesarmJul 2nd, 2019

@mm you should listen to Sidewalk Labs own podcast. City of the Future

mmJul 2nd, 2019

@cesarm Thanks! Will check it out!

acserrano recommended:Jun 25th, 2019

#MustListen episode on the future of our cities. Yes, Toronto is in the frontlines today but make no mistake this is a decision that will affect how much control we are willing to cede to unregulated technology monopolies. #BlockSidewalk @dskok on fire @frontburnerCBC