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The fight over public/private healthcare in Canada

19:52 | Feb 24th

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A challenge to Canada’s public healthcare system resumes Tuesday in BC’s Supreme Court. Dr. Brian Day -- who runs two private healthcare clinics in Vancouver -- says Canadians should have the right to...Show More


aliceko recommended:Feb 25th

Really fascinating discussion on the issue of private vs public healthcare in Canada. Good arguments for and against a proposed two-tier system. Who will really benefit? Who will lose? The Americans providers/insurers are itching to get in on this. Canadian health care system is shockingly, quite in...Show More

dannyFeb 25th

@aliceko yes, didn't realize Canada was know to have inefficient cost per patient. But agree, great convo. I feel like the US might be inching closer to this convo too.

moMar 1st

@danny @aliceko 😞