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Coronavirus: WHO says COVID-19 is a pandemic

17:08 | Mar 11th

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What does it mean that WHO is now calling COVID-19 a pandemic? And what’s behind the idea of “flattening the curve”? Plus, Prime Minister Trudeau has announced measures to fight the outbreak, includin...Show More


cbcpodcasts recommended:Mar 12th

Okay, so you probably have questions about COVID-19. Good news. Our award-winning daily podcast has started releasing special evening episodes to keep you informed about the global pandemic. Updates you can trust. In the first ep. they define the term "pandemic," sum up Canada's efforts so far (...Show More

mijustin recommended:Mar 13th

I'd like to see more "frequent updates" from podcasts on this topic. 👍

mmMar 13th

I've been curating a running list of coronavirus pods here that's updated daily fwiw: A good daily one I've been enjoying is the "Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction" one by CNN. They're not really daily updates, but they're short quality ...Show More

mm recommended:Mar 13th

For the Canadians, Front Burner is releasing short daily updates later in the day about COVID-19. Will be useful to keep updated in a Canadian context. Did not know what the BC death was the first COVID-19 death in Canada 😩 It’s been hitting the nursing homes in Vancouver, which is horrible for res...Show More

aliceko recommended:Mar 13th

Great summary of impact in Canada. Social distancing in Canada is the way to go to flatten the curve. lululemon declared a 'one week' WFH policy. Not good enough. Shopify, Vancity etc other companies in Vancouver have already declared full WFH policies.

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