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Putting the right people at the right dinner parties, funding university research centers to control the science on which regulation is based, placing weekly advertorials in The New York Times for 30 years. These are just some of the ways oil compani...Show More


36:23 | Jun 7th

Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine focused on what she calls "disaster capitalism," the sort of corporate feeding frenzy that happens in the wake of major crises. It was on a research trip for that...Show More
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16:31 | Jan 21st

In this season we're tackling Big Oil's big propaganda machine—its origins, the spin masters who created it, and why it's been so effective. It all began more than 100 years ago with Standard Oil, Joh...Show More

02:59 | Dec 5th, 2019

Big Oil gave Hitler propaganda tips decades ago and their PR machine has only grown from there. This season we dig into the history of fossil fuel propaganda and the few "Mad Men of climate denial" wh...Show More
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Really looking forward to this episode. Coming soon in January. (BTW what the etiquette in echoing trailers?)

24:28 | May 29th

Reporters Alexander Beunder and Jilles Mast have been combing through 150+ boxes of documents from the personal archive of one of the Netherlands' top climate skeptics during the 1990s, a guy named Fr...Show More
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