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Seize Your Adventure

Francesca Turauskis


Adventure and outdoor living with epilepsy. The stories and interviews in this podcast cover a spectrum of activities, from long-distance hiking with epilepsy medication in a backpack, to the pleasure of the first duck dive after brain surgery. It ad...Show More


44:50 | May 22nd

Annie Brooks, is a blogger and Youtuber from the award-winning blog Tales of Annie Bean, a website and video channel that covers fitness, travel, lifestyle and  (of course) adventure! Annie was diagno...Show More

20:42 | May 5th

Enjoy this quick bonus episode from Jamie Wissinger, host of the epilepsy podcast '1 in 26' . I thought it was about time to share some official Seizure First Aid , and asked Jamie to share her knowle...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

37:04 | May 2nd

"Having a chronic condition such as epilepsy consistently prevents individuals from participating in sport. For someone with epilepsy the fear of making the condition worse, sustaining injury or even ...Show More

16:28 | Apr 23rd

In this bonus episode, I catch-up with Becky Sampson. Four months after our initial conversation, coronavirus has changed plans for many. Becky tells me how it affected her round-the-world trip. In to...Show More

44:51 | Apr 15th

Welcome to Season Two of Seize Your Adventure! This season, I will be speaking to even more people about a wider range of sports, and the conversations coming up in Season Two feel even more relevant ...Show More
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