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American Hysteria is a podcast exploring our moral panics, urban legends, and conspiracy theories, how they shape our psychology and culture, and why we end up believing them. Host Chelsey Weber-Smith explores the sometimes hilarious, sometimes distr...Show More

36:14 | Jul 29th, 2019

*This episode contains graphic racism* Monsters come from the darkness, from the depth of lakes and swamps, from the shadows of forests and hills, and live too in the dark parts of all of us. However,...Show More

44:50 | Mar 25th, 2019

It has been said that the apocalypse is as American as apple pie, and for our season finale we are exploring different versions of the end of the world, the hyper-religious, the new age, and the scien...Show More

ddtbagbabe recommended:

I love her episodes, this was a great season. I could do with out “the calm down”

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27:52 | Mar 18th, 2019

This week we will be discussing the history of drug panic in the United States and its effects in the present day. My guest is Sarah Deutsch, a friend of mine from high school who received her masters...Show More

ddtbagbabe recommended:

I keep trying to listen to her “calm downs” but the amount of “likes” spewed by her guests makes it impossible to get through

03:24 | Feb 10th

We are stoked to announce that our season three premieres this coming Monday, February 17th! On this season we're going to explore our most ingrained beliefs, delusions, and archetypes, how cognitive ...Show More

41:23 | Feb 3rd

For this episode, we gather the American Hysteria team together to answer some of the questions asked on social media. We share our experience making the show and just what goes into the production, b...Show More
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