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Q: What happens when people leave their regular routine and comfort zone and find themselves far from home, in foreign places and cultures unknown to them? A: Life. Changing. Stories. Each week, 22.33 delivers stories of people finding their way in...Show More
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You Can Always Count on Music (with Harpeth Rising)

35:13 | May 31st

Coming from different musical traditions, playing instruments unknown to each other, this American music trio and audiences in Cambodia and Singapore came together over the love of the sounds created by strings.  And once the common language was unlo...Show More
The Food We Eat, Part 5 (Bonus)

18:19 | May 27th

Our monthly food episode will have you laughing and drooling.
What Would Princess Diana Do? (with Janet Steele)

26:12 | May 24th

Sometimes opportunities present themselves in mysterious ways.  When many expats evacuated during a time of political turmoil in Indonesia, this Fulbright professor not only stayed, she found herself in the middle of a group of journalists that would...Show More
View From the Treetops (with Kevin McLean)

24:14 | May 17th

Looking up from the foot of a rainforest is overwhelming.  Imagine what the world looks like from way up there.  Our storyteller today doesn’t have to.  He spends his time in the rainforest canopy, researching and communing with creatures whose entir...Show More
Bring Your Own Guinea Pig (Bonus)

20:26 | May 13th

Too cute to eat? Plus, the relationships created and the ethical issues that arise during an excavation at an ancient historical site in Peru.
Strength Through Vulnerability (with Robin Hauser)

26:47 | May 10th

This U.S. filmmaker wasn't sure how her topical documentaries--one about unconscious bias, another about the gender gap in the tech industry--would play to foreign audiences in dramatically different cultures, but found an even more elemental thread ...Show More
Observing Ramadan (Bonus)

14:02 | May 5th

What’s it like for Americans living abroad during Ramadan, or international exchange participants in the U.S. during Ramadan? Listen to ECA exchange alumni share their experiences in this bonus episode.
The Answer is Yes (with Ali Makahleh)

18:19 | May 3rd

From the deserts of Jordan to the pine forests of Washington State, everything in America should have seemed radically different to this one high school international exchange student. But with his enthusiasm and willingness to try new things, the ex...Show More
The Food We Eat, Part 4 (Bonus)

14:53 | Apr 29th

22.33’s fourth mash-up of unique, scary, strange, and sometimes delicious food stories from around the world.
Three Deep Breaths (with Derik Nelson & Family)

28:42 | Apr 26th

The talented sibling trio recount their amazement at hearing their own musical compositions performed for them halfway across the world, while on an ambitious tour that constantly underscored how music can bring people closer together. This episode f...Show More
Who You Are, Not What You Do (with Carlin Daharsh)

25:47 | Apr 19th

She was a perfectionist, successful and with her future mapped out. But traveling alone in Ecuador proved full of unexpected challenges—not least of which was answering the question about what kind of person she was deep down. The longer she was ther...Show More
Onstage with the Entire Globe (Bonus)

17:54 | Apr 15th

Please enjoy our 6th bonus episode of the year: an interview with Dr. Bernadett Szél, a Hungarian economist, politician, and member of the National Assembly.
Curing Homesickness in a Hurricane (with Salma Oubkkou)

24:32 | Apr 12th

Based in South Carolina to teach Arabic to American university students, Salma Oubkkou found herself in the path of a major hurricane—and completely new weather phenomenon to her. Her experiences, including a full school evacuation, turned out to be ...Show More
Bollywood Without Subtitles (with Luke Tyson)

21:10 | Apr 5th

Wise beyond his years, high school junior Luke Tyson took advantage of a year abroad in India not only to learn Hindi, but to dive deeply into foreign cultural traditions, religion, and the practice of mindfulness—with a little Bollywood thrown in fo...Show More
Seasoned by an American (with Lenny Russo)

36:33 | Mar 29th

The concept was simple, Award-winning American chef Lenny Russo would go to a small country he knew little about, meet farmers and food producers and transform their ingredients using traditional American techniques.  However, what happened when the ...Show More
The Food We Eat, Part 3 (Bonus)

15:19 | Mar 25th

22.33’s monthly mash-up of unique, scary, strange, and sometimes delicious food stories from around the world.
Trash Truck Tunes & Hip Hop Grooves (with Lillygol Sedaghat)

35:57 | Mar 22nd

A life-long love of milk tea, lead Lillygol to consider her environmental footprint, leading to a fellowship in Taiwan to study waste management, all the while practicing hip hop diplomacy.
Seeing It, Striving to Be It

22:17 | Mar 15th

As more opportunities for women open up in Saudi Arabia, previously unattainable pursuits become not only possible but essential.  This week: Three groundbreaking Saudi women soccer coaches and players, whose love for the sport is benefitting countle...Show More
Getting the Picture (Bonus)

11:23 | Mar 11th

Ever wonder how an iconic image comes to be?  In this bonus episode, American cowboy, writer, photographer Ryan Bell talks about the challenge of representing Kazakhstan's ancient horse culture with a single image, how he managed it, and how many way...Show More
Born Again Cowboy on the Steppe (with Ryan T. Bell)

46:47 | Mar 8th

American cowboy Ryan Bell never imagined that he would find himself riding on the steppe, teaching Russians the art of cattle-wrangling, but once he was there it seemed perfectly natural.  Later, when he discovered the ancient horse culture in Kazakh...Show More
Crusader in a Conflict Zone (with Fatima Askira)

33:06 | Mar 1st

Tired of watching women and girls targeted, kidnapped, and killed in a region of Nigeria controlled by Boko Haram terrorists, Fatima Askira has fearlessly dedicated her life to creating opportunities to educate, train, and empower the females in her ...Show More
The Food We Eat, Part 2 (Bonus)

16:05 | Feb 25th

22.33’s second mash-up of unique, scary, strange, and sometimes delicious food stories from around the world.
Following in My Father’s Footsteps (with Alaa Mahmooud)

17:06 | Feb 22nd

When Alaa Mahmooud was 8 years old he saw a picture of his father in front of the U.S. Capital building. He didn’t know what it was at the time, but he knew he wanted to go there someday as well.  He did— and his journey to get there— and the path hi...Show More
Pop Stars and Marriage Proposals (with Amanda Trabulsi)

20:39 | Feb 15th

Though she grew up in New York City, Amanda Trabulsi never actually felt like she fit in until she landed in Kyrgyzstan, a faraway place that she knew little about. But then, as she looked like the locals, learned the local language, and taught local...Show More
Learning to Say Love in Bengali (Bonus)

13:49 | Feb 13th

A Valentine's Day bonus: When Collin Walsh went to Bangladesh to learn the Bengali language, he had several goals in mind, including securing his future career. But of much greater concern was learning the language and culture enough to secure the wo...Show More
It Starts When It Ends (with Seth Glier)

38:24 | Feb 8th

Musician Seth Glier traveled to Mongolia, China & Ukraine, connecting with foreign artists and audiences, learning to appreciate new cultural traditions, and learning more about his own country in the process. He performs a couple of songs in our tin...Show More
Call Me Teacher (with Will Langford)

26:39 | Feb 1st

Will Langford knew that Kenya would be very different than Detroit, but as an African American he never expected to be called a “white man” simply because of his American accent.  His memorable enlightenment about race, wealth, and language led other...Show More
The Food We Eat (Bonus)

14:39 | Jan 30th

22.33’s first monthly mash-up of unique, scary, strange, and sometimes delicious food stories from around the world.
Hope in You, Hope in Me (with Eaint Thiri Thu)

37:03 | Jan 28th

Eaint Thiri Thu never set out to be a human rights activist.  She did not like what was happening to minority populations in her country, but it was only when the government pushed to silence her that her anger and stubbornness not to be quieted emer...Show More
Practice, Practice, Practice (with Grace Benton)

25:06 | Jan 28th

Because she was required to do a project during her exchange program in Jordan, Grace Benton volunteered to teach English to Sudanese refugees.  What started as a lark (and with her literally falling on her face when she first met her students) led t...Show More
The ABC Song in St. Petersburg (with Eric Swinn)

13:43 | Jan 28th

Eric Swinn found himself in St. Petersburg, Russia, tasked with teaching English to marginalized students who sometimes didn’t even speak Russian.  Describing his regular trips from the city center to the end of the metro line in a barely inhabited v...Show More
Dignity for the Disabled (with Xatyswa Maqashalala)

15:12 | Jan 25th

Xatyswa Maqashalala tells her life story, how a tragic misdiagnosis in her youth, combined with poor health care, led to her permanent disability—and how difficult it was to be young and disabled in a place without any special accommodations. Yet, as...Show More
Captain Courageous (with Husham Al-Thahabi)

20:39 | Jan 25th

Husham Al-Thahabi never set out to be a hero. As he saw more and more orphans and homeless people in his community, he took it upon himself to create a center where needy community members would be cared for and trained for careers.  As time went on ...Show More
Don’t Stop, Keep Moving (with Joanna Lohman)

16:11 | Jan 25th

American professional soccer player Joanne Lohman recounts a trip to sub-Saharan Africa as a sports envoy only to learn that her team didn’t own shoes, despite the fact that turf was burning hot.  With stories about girl-power, toughness, and teamwor...Show More
Sneak preview of the first four episodes of 22.33.

03:56 | Nov 30th, 2018

Four life-changing stories from around the world about challenges, commitment, isolation, vulnerability, perseverance, and triumphs.
Presenting 22.33, a new podcast coming January 2019.

03:16 | Nov 5th, 2018

Featuring first-person stories of people finding themselves in the middle of a culture that is foreign to them; each week, 22.33 will deliver interesting tales from people who share how they were able to create mutual understanding through cultural e...Show More