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The Sunday Show

Gabriel Sunday, Starburns Audio

From the (fictional) Center for Investigative Journalism, “reporter” Gabriel Sunday presents a "news" program which attempts to answer the question: "What times are we living in?" Featuring Jeff Davis, Johnny Pemberton, Dana Snyder, Ron Lynch, Sydney...Show More

24:48 | Feb 12th

It is Monday we are a day late. This is Gabriel and I'm doing EVERYTHING this week. As you know TCFIJ is partially government funded. We could be preparing for another one. We need your support. Visit to support a free and fierce journa...Show More

26:16 | Feb 3rd

We continue our investigation into Dating Apps, their practices and effects on humanity. At a remote research facility in Antarctica, a lonely scientist logs onto Tindr for fun and matches with a scientist on a neighboring base nearly 50 miles away. ...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

28:08 | Jan 27th

This week, we follow Olivia Levine who is currently in therapy using a method designed to rid herself of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Featuring: Olivia Levine, Jeanne Taylor as Doctor Jacobs, Eleanor Bray as Abby, Sam Walton Jones as Chet.Wri...Show More

28:32 | Jan 20th

The Center for Investigative Journalism is partially government funded and must furlough its staff amidst the government shutdown. Journalist Clarissa Holloway remains on the job scouring D.C and the Southern Border to uncover stories that effect the...Show More

29:26 | Jan 14th

This week, a personal story as I come out to my family as queer person and attend my first ever Pride event. Along with guest journalist, Elizabet Perkins, we investigate the current state of queerness in America... and discover my life (and my famil...Show More

27:20 | Jan 6th

Today's episode: We travel to America's heartland. Trump's tariffs have triggered a tit-for-tat trade war -- starting with aluminum and steel and now a hefty tax on silicone imports from China. Featuring guest economics correspondent, Corey Podell.Fe...Show More

24:13 | Dec 30th, 2018

2018 was declared The Year of The Woman. Today, as 2019 approaches, we speak with several knowledgable sources about how we got here and how can men help. Featuring guest reporter Corey Podell. Featuring: Corey Podell, Sydney Steinberg, Noah Eberhart...Show More

23:22 | Dec 23rd, 2018

Part 1 of our investigation into dating apps: how are they effecting dating in America today? In this episode we go undercover with a lonely app user, Stan, who discovers the brutal reality of dating apps at a singles pop-up event. With guest journal...Show More

25:12 | Dec 16th, 2018

From the Center for Investigative Journalism, this is the Sunday Show. This week: Space X, Tesla, The Boring Company. Elon Musk is changing the world. But will his character drive away business? And what are his intentions for the future? Gabriel sit...Show More

25:22 | Dec 9th, 2018

The current White House has seen a number of high profile departures since the beginning of the administration. Trump alumni have returned to their roots, while others have embarked on new ventures in business in politics. Guest reporter: Clarrissa H...Show More

00:59 | Dec 3rd, 2018

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