10 Things That Scare Me

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10 Things That Scare Me is a tiny podcast about our biggest fears. In each episode, one person talks. Alone in a room. It could be anyone. It could be you. It’s someone driven by fears that keep them up at night, that define their lives, and inform t...Show More

13:57 | Jun 27th, 2019

Amy Pearl lives in Brooklyn with her animal family.  For our 100th episode and the final episode of season 1, we're presenting Amy Pearl. Then, a quick behind the scenes peek into how 10 Things That S...Show More

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This is an absolute gem of a show, and the producer in me immediately geeked out over the season finale. I finally got to hear how 10 things...Show More

04:56 | Feb 10th

Molly called in to us from Maryland. Join the "10 Things That Scare Me" conversation, and tell us your fears at 10thingspodcast.org.
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02:53 | Feb 10th

Maureen took up the challenge to tell us what scares her from her home in Mendocino County, CA. Where she works as a hospital chaplain. Maureen is also a writer and author of the play “It’s All About ...Show More

08:12 | Feb 3rd

Jeff Emtman is the host of KCRW’s Here Be Monsters. He’s originally from Pullman, Washington. When Jeff was a kid, he ate a whole jar of tiny sea shells. Join the "10 Things That Scare Me" conversatio...Show More

10:19 | Feb 3rd

Billie Parker is a wife, sister, friend, activist, writer, a retired corporate video producer, and presently an addiction recovery teacher at Santa Fe County Jail. She lives with her wife Gay Block in...Show More
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