10 Things That Scare Me

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10 Things That Scare Me is a tiny podcast about our biggest fears. In each episode, one person talks. Alone in a room. It could be anyone. It could be you. It’s someone driven by fears that keep them up at night, that define their lives, and inform t...Show More


13:57 | Jun 27th, 2019

Amy Pearl lives in Brooklyn with her animal family.  For our 100th episode and the final episode of season 1, we're presenting Amy Pearl. Then, a quick behind the scenes peek into how 10 Things That S...Show More
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This is an absolute gem of a show, and the producer in me immediately geeked out over the season finale. I finally got to hear how 10 things...Show More

09:43 | Mar 30th

Hrishikesh Hirway is a musician, composer, and the creator of the podcast Song Exploder -- where musicians take apart their songs and tell the story of how they were made. Hrishi’s favorite memory fro...Show More
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06:00 | Mar 30th

Anne Wolf is a 38 year old mother, strategist, and minimalist shoe enthusiast. She loves the idea of hobbies, but she hasn’t found the right one yet. One time, back in the 90s, she tried water skiing....Show More

07:32 | Mar 23rd

George Divoky studies the black guillemots of Cooper Island in Alaska. He is also the director of Cooper Island Arctic Research. Divoky tweeted that there is was fresh water on Cooper Island in 2019 b...Show More

07:33 | Mar 23rd

Sarah Haider grew up a devout Muslim, but left the religion as a teenager. Today she is the executive director of Ex Muslims of North America, and her dad is now an atheist. Join the "10 Things That S...Show More
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