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King and the Sting

Brendan Schaub & Theo Von

A new podcast from Brendan Schaub and Theo Von

55:38 | Jun 27th

Treeo Von and Brendan Shrub talk hot dog champ Drake, Waynes world vs Austin Powers, Befuddled Babies, Aussie Murderers, Glasgow Graffiti,Plane Clappers and much more!Postmates - Kats2019Ring - ring.com/KATSNo Bull - https://www.nobullproject.com/kat...Show More

1:11:40 | Jun 20th

Theo's in a bad mood after quitting cigarettes and takes it out on Brendan. The guys talk Soft Asians, Goldfish Crackers vs Cheez-Its, the Culture Corner's snack picks, Brendan's sound proof face, Theo's love for Spirit Airlines, Mantenna Nipples, Br...Show More

1:12:36 | Jun 13th

The boys talk bust bulbs, jackhammer twerks, The CTE Championships, Raver girls vs Country girls, brand new Wed, Bed or Dead's, oversized dong probs, Brown Walkers, Brendan being 80% Mex and playing cupid for Theo and much more!Postmates - promo code...Show More

1:16:01 | Jun 6th

Theo is fresh back from Australia and reunited with Brendan. The boys talk chlamydia, Jet Li jet lag, Small Dick Energy, Foster can noses, Old Town Road, Nippleback, levitating bat boy, Asian hat dick pics, relationship advice for an Arthur cartoon l...Show More

57:44 | May 23rd

The guys launch "Roast my Host", reading off YouTube comments from fans and talk Theo reading coloring books, Brendan's open mouth winking, Bobby long-nap-short-cock Lee, low tit bellies, seasoned calf muscles, Apple vs Android, Beavis and Butt-Head ...Show More

1:06:35 | May 16th

The boys test out a brand new buzzer and talk texting during the holidays, Ellen vs Bieber, solo trips to the movies, famous Owl's, transition mullets, The Met Gala drip rip, Nugget THOTS, The Culture Corner with Deric and Cat, Tupac vs Biggie, Maste...Show More

1:22:19 | May 9th

The boys reminisce bout old Nelly hits, catch up with the St. Lunatics and talk battle rap, prison fun, Elon musk vs Jeff bezos, Tesla Uggs, Marvel vs DC vs Hanna-Barbera, Sugar Raycism, Chief Qweef, insecurities, new Wed, Bed or Dead's, Buns of Anar...Show More

1:11:02 | May 2nd

The boys kick off a new segment called Wed, Bed or Dead and talk Theo's day with Riff Raff, Brendan's giant blender coffee cup, Morgan Freeman as a stripper, transition coaches, dogs with human names, Stripper names, The Golden Girls, cranberry stem ...Show More

1:23:33 | Apr 25th

The boys talk Theo's bad hip and fondness for Dustin Poirier, Brendan's new 2 rivers 3 dudes nickname, Game of Thrones toiletries, Lil John's donated eye, cum pops and crawfish tapouts, advice for a girl banging her best friend's boyfriend, ravioli m...Show More

1:07:55 | Apr 18th

Theo's back from his first UFC and now sees Brendan in a new light. The guys discuss their Poirier vs Holloway bet and talk taking a dump in public restrooms, Theo's movement to stop technology, Brendan's fear of Steven Seagal, talking with Uber driv...Show More

1:07:40 | Apr 11th

The guys talk meaty fronts, deepthroating catfish, Theo's first UFC, orgasms of the soul, beatboxing, Nicolas Cage starring in Facebook, dirtbike racing aunts, mudskipper aunts, The Fonz vs Tony Danza, Brendan, the Pepsi truck driver, Theo, the deaf ...Show More

1:05:07 | Apr 4th

The boys discuss world events and talk Broadway Joe Dirt, sex surveys, cock cams, Jussie Smollett Juice Bar, Girbaud jeans, lip extensions, planking aunts from Montana, aunts with long clams and much more!Hims - https://www.forhims.com/KATSPostmates ...Show More

1:13:17 | Mar 28th

Brendan and Theo talk chubby chasers, gramp stamps, underboob tats, comedy special stunt doubles, hangover cures, Jussie Smollett and Papa John, Van life, bald chicks, grandma's faking heart attacks, catfished grandpa's and much more!Robinhood - http...Show More

1:14:16 | Mar 21st

It's Theo's birthday and Brendan's birth week. The guys talk Kratom crust pizza, hot dog nips, Lester Holt lips, Chick-fil-A vs In-N-Out, creatine doughnuts, sweet noodle Cat, guys rockin wigs, Chinese spies, bad bitch Mother Nature and much more!Lea...Show More

1:13:36 | Mar 14th

The boys are back! And so is Brendan's voice. The guys talk jizz messaging, viral sad dad doughnut shop, Rock of Love vs Flavor of Love, Mardi Gras, smoking great grandma who looks like Walter Matthau, hairless cats, dickets, Dunkin Donuts stories an...Show More

17:07 | Mar 7th

We’re looking back at some of the funniest moments from King and the Sting, such as Aunt Horny Lorny, pregnant crossfit chicks, Kelly Kapowski vs. Topanga Lawrence, words of wisdom on vasectomies, Bebop & Rocksteady, the survival of gingers, J-Rod’s ...Show More

1:18:41 | Feb 27th

The boys rip on Joe Rogan's drip and talk fashion from the Oscars, sober boning, white face, cholo brows, advice on picking up girls, grenade hoppers, risky biscuits, pets with social media accounts, joke my smoke fan submissions, a special start my ...Show More

1:21:53 | Feb 21st

The guys ring in the Chinese New Year, introduce a new segment called "Joke my Smoke" and talk cute pigs, childhood Teddy Bears, sex robots, dogs in strollers, American muscle, skeetin mudskippers, silent love making, girls with male best friends, mi...Show More

1:05:16 | Feb 15th

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the guys answer your questions about dating, first kisses, virginity, love, relationships and more. Also, a special Rip my Drip - Celebrity Edition, a new inspirational segment called "Start my Heart", PB & J vs Gril...Show More

1:22:11 | Feb 6th

Theo loses use of one eye and Brendan finds it inspiring. The guys talk awkward first kisses, Kool-Aid lips, beefy aunts, eye advice, fake Starbucks in Jamaica, gauged ears, emo sister from The Incredibles, Friends vs Seinfeld, to use or not to use b...Show More

1:10:14 | Jan 30th

The guys dive into an all new set of submissions and talk forced hugs, Kelly Kapowski vs Topanga Lawrence, lunch lady drip, anal sex, cookie facials, fat dong spirit, freeze tag, white girl dreads, women proposing to men, male masseuses, circumcision...Show More

1:17:30 | Jan 22nd

The guys break down the first Rip my Drip fan submissions and talk lot lizards, semen lava lamps, courtesy flushes, public restroom news, soft fatty sex necks, Brendan's tips on sock masturbation, Theo overdoses on Pedialyte and much more!Learn more ...Show More

54:53 | Jan 15th

Brendan Schaub and Theo Von are back in studio for the 4th episode of the ever evolving King and the Sting.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

57:33 | Jan 9th

The guys are back and in the new studio to cover all your favorite segments and more, enjoy!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1:10:02 | Jan 2nd

The guys add a new segment called Flaunt your Aunt for the New Year! Also, King it or Sting it, Debate Club and more, enjoy!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1:19:17 | Dec 25th, 2018

King it or Sting it? Debate club and more, enjoy! Episode 1 of King and the Sting is here! Happy holidays!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

13:55 | Dec 21st, 2018

The official announcement of The King and the Sting!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices